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Joanne S. - March 10

I forgot, I have been extremely "MOODY" here lately too..


[email protected] - March 11

Hey. I've known about my PCOS since...2000. I was put on Metaformin/Glucophoge almost immediately. I was told if I wanted to get preg. I would need to be off this drug for about 6 mths before this could be safely accomplished; so reading many of the entries leaves me disconcerted. I have not been taking metaformin for over 8mths, and I just missed my period. I was wondering if anyone knows if home preg. kits work for pcos patients. I was concerned because of the crazy hormones involved with pcos. Does anyone have a possible idea?


Tia B - March 12

Metformin is not a pregnancy inducing drug. The common name for Metforming is Glucophage. Metformin shuld ONLY be taken as directed. All it does is help regulate your insulin levels by making your body receptive to the insulin you are making. That's all. It scares me to read that you are just Upping your dosage like that. Unless your DR told you to do so, i would NOt. You are also onyl supposed to take two doses per day, with food. Having food on your tummy will keep the nausia at bay.


Tia B - March 12

sometimes a metabolic or Thyroid disorder can cause your symptoms. If that is the case Metformin will do you little good, if any. You should have your serum TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). checked. An endocrinologist can accomplish those tests for you.


Charlotte - March 13

Have been trying for a baby for 4 years, diagnosed PCOS in September '04 and have been on 1500mg Metformin since- that's 3 times a day with food. Side effects as described by others do improve with time. Periods are more regular, and have lost over a stone as my appetite is less. Also started IUI 2 months ago-no pregnancy yet, boo!. Has Joanne done her preg test yet?, home tests on the whole are very accurate, whether you have PCOS or not. I am a doctor myself and so aware that the use of metformin is out of licence and not known to be safe in pregnancy, but if you have PCOS and insulin resistance then in actual fact it is probably making your body more "normal" to take it than not, best to discuss it with your own physician. Good luck everyone, this infertility business is very hard at times, but we have to keep hoping :-)


Kim - March 17

I too was on Metformin and clomid together after my first cycle of clomid I got pregnant!!!I have a healthy 10 month old baby boy. I was told since I have the PCOS with Insulin resistance it would be hard to get pregnant. We are going to try for number two in may :0)


Joanne S. - March 18

Well today is the 17th of March, and I still have not started yet..I go in on March 30th for my 8 week checkup of being on the Metformin..I did take a pregnancy test last Thursday, and it was negative. Did I take one too soon? My last period was on Jan. 25th..I'll keep you all up to date...


vanessa - March 18

Hi Jonna,
I have been on metformin for three weeks now, taking to tablets a day.
Since jan 2004 i came of the pill and my cycles were from 48 to 96 days long.
After two weeks on metformin i have come on which results in me having 1 37 day cycle. Shortest one yet so it look like it could me working.
It is nice to see some one is in the boat and i can share my story with


vanessa - March 18

Hi Jonna,
I have been on metformin for three weeks now, taking two tablets a day.
Since jan 2004 i came of the pill and my cycles were from 48 to 96 days long.
After two weeks on metformin i have come on which results in me having a 37 day cycle. Shortest one yet so it look like it could me working.
It is nice to see some one is in the same boat and i can share my story with


Jo - March 18

I am in a free trial to determine whether Metformin or Clomid or both is best in helping women with PCOS get pregnant. I won't know what I am on until after the study. I just upped my dosage of Clomid to 150, however do not have the side effects I usually get. The metformin usually causes me to have upset stomach's if I don't eat with it. I have been part of this study since December 2004, almost three months, and no results. I am not even ovulating. :(


Joanne S. - March 19

Is it normal to have an 8 week checkup after starting Metformin..I don't even know if I ovulated or not. Today makes 25 days since my last period. Still no sign of starting my period or of being pregnant..Except for the BAD mood swings....thanks..


Kaytee - March 20

i was diagnosed with PCOS along time ago.. i dont even remember when.. i was put on metformin about 7 months ago.. taday is the 19th of march.. i was suposed to have my period by the 3rd.. an still nothing.. im haveing signs of being preg. but i took a home test an it was negative.. im afraid to go to the dr's an have them tell me im not.. but my apointment is on the 21st.. so wish me luck! an good luck to you also!!


April - March 20

Hello! I recently started taking metformin after about 6 years of infertility. I feel fine on it, except for I have bad mood swings. I have done 4 cycles on clomid in the past, 1 laproscopy, 3 IUI's, and one month on injections. I am in the process of recieving my first IVF as soon as my period starts next month. I hope it works, but I am worried because my doctor says the success rate here in Japan is only 25%. Does anybody know if age has anything to do with the rate? I am 24 years old, and I am hoping that changed the rate somewhat for me. April


vanessa - March 20

I have to have a check up at eight weeks. Joanne have you bean taking your temp in the morning, this will indecate if you have ovulated. (if your temp goes higher)
Or you could use ovulation strips.
On my third period while taking metformin i have to have a blood test on 21 days to see if i have ovulated, (fingers crossed)
Before going on metformin were your periods regular?


hanna2031* - March 21

i have only been on metformin for 1month and a half and i lost a littel weight and boom i am pregnant but still on the metformin.


Joanne S. - March 21

I have been on Metformin since Feb. 2nd..My last period was on Jan. 25th, so I have not had a period since I started metformin..My periods have been regular until the end of Dec. when I thought I was pregnant. I wasn't. Then on the 11th of Jan. I went back to the doc and I had a cyst to rupture on my left ovary. So, they told me that I had PCOS and that is why I was NOT getting pregnant..They said that the Metformin would increase my chances of ovulating and getting pregnant. Metformin is all that I have been on so far. I go back to the doc on the 30th of this month for my 8 week checkup on being on Metformin..I am hoping and praying that because I have not had a period since Jan. 25th that I may actually be pregnant..I have not had any signs though. I have been very, very moody and extremely tired of the evenings..Let me know how your appt goes with your doc...Thanks..



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