maybe i am maybe not?
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sad in ohio - November 9

we tryied for 3 mos and nothing happened and then we tried to relax and just be intimate when we felt the urge this month but nothing again, i know it is too early to test to see if i am infertile, but i just need soem cheering up to know that is it possibel for me and my hubby to procreate, sad in ohio


TTC - November 10

I feel your pain, my husband and I are in the same situation. When I went on my preconception visit (about three months ago) my dr. said it could take up to one year, so dont be discouraged. But i completely understand the agony. Also, it seems like everyone around me is getting pregnant (they arent even trying) Go figure!


kira - December 17

Dont feel bad "sad in ohio" and TTC me and my boyfriend have been trying for almost 10 months and still nothing i can help a little get the pre-seed lubercant and while ovulating before intercourse have him put it on his penis and the lubercant on his finger and have him rub it on the inside of your vigina its supposed to make both of you's fertilization increase and my doctor said the best way was missionary style beacuse it make it reach the cervix more GOOD LUCK:)


Gi-chyan - December 23

Sad in Ohio,
My husband and I are having the same problem too! Hang in there...
To make our stress worse, his sister is pregnant and going to have a baby. She constantly talks about how it took them 3 wks to conceive after she went off the pill. I don't think she realizes how cruel she is being by dangling that in our face. I hold tight to the notion that when Our time is right it will happen, but it sure does add a lot of stress to the situtation when everyone around you are having no problem! I feel your pain girl...Best Wishes...maybe the Holiday Season will bring about changes for you!!


jons - December 24

You are not alone...We have been trying for 5 months now with no success. this months when my periods arrived, I went into severe depression, but i am again optimistic noiw!



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