Marijuana & conceiving
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dizzy - January 12

Does anyone know what effect a man's marijuana smoking would have on sperm? And how long would he have to stop smoking for before the sperm was back to normal?


lea1 - January 12

i dont think it has any particular effect at the end of the day. i know a lot of people in this forum may disagree, but i fell pregnant with twins while i was on worse than marajuana, however fallen preg put me on the straight n narrow big time! my boyf at the time was smoking a lot n it the question didnt arise at we werent ttc, how much does he smoke and also do u?


mgn - January 12

i read it can cause infertility in both men and women. it has been shown to hinder ovulation in women and it makes sperm slow and stupid swimmers. (for lack of better words) i read it takes a man about 72 days to return to normal. i think everyone is different. either way, when ttc conceive one should not being doing any drugs at all. thats my opinion. i am no angel (i smoked ALOT in my hay day) but now i am worried that is why we cannot conceive. good luck to you. also, rates of spontanteous miscarriages are higher in couples who do drugs.


linds99 - January 12

I agree with mgn, marijuana is proven to lower sperm count in men. And now it is confirmed it can alter the motility and morphology of men's sperm for up to 3 months after use, having both morphology and motility abnormalities for that long. I'm not sure if it can make you infertile for life though. I would bet on it after 3 months everything likely is back to normal.


slowpoke01 - January 13

i agree with mgn and linds. if you and you significant other are really serious about ttc then it would be best to stop all drugs and drinking and smoking. it will be better for you and your body. good luck to you.


dizzy - January 13

He smokes probably 4 or 5 a day during the week and maybe 10 a day over weekends. I don't smoke anymore, stopped around a year ago. I'm really worried about even ttc with him smoking, not happy to take the risk.


mgn - January 13

dizzy, i know the feeling. my dh still smokes sometimes and i get really angry at him b/c i think it is childish and selfish and it makes me wonder if he is even ready to be a father. if he cant make this one little sacrifice (i even told him i only need him to stop for like 6 mnths just to see if that is our problem) and so far he hasnt smoked but we shall see over the next few months. i feel like he is going to hide it from me now. anyhow, i worry that if i do fall prgnt that something will go terribly wrong b.c the sperm was not healthy. best of luck to you and me for a healthy baby. perhaps a pending child will put dh on the straight and narrow. :)


dizzy - January 13

mgn, i know exactly what you mean. It seems a small price to pay. I know my husband has said to me how do all those people in jamaica manage to reproduce! I just don't think its worth taking any risks if you can avoid it. I would never forgive myself if something turned out to be wrong.


star_4_baby - January 14

girl you and your dh has to be healthy to start trying for baby....stop drugs now if you can .....drugs are always bad news yes sometimes people get lucky....


mgn - January 14

i have heard of many couples trying for a long time with no luck and once they quit smoking weed (after a few short months) they acheive a successful pregnancy. anyone else hear this or have it happen to them?


mgn - January 14



charly - January 15

It makes a mens sperm count low and im not sure how long he would have to stop before it regrouped itself hell probably have abetter chance drinking


slowpoke01 - January 15

mgn- yes i have heard of this. although my sister and brother in law both smoked and they have 3 healthy girls but they never stopped not even while she was pregnant and her first was born 2 months premature and lived for 14 months. he couldnt smile, crawl, they said he would never walk, he couldnt sit up, and he couldnt make any cooing noises at all. they said that his soft spot on his head closed up too early and his brain didnt have room to grow so it told his lungs to stop breathing. my sister got the medical records after he died and they only expected him to live a few months. so out of 4 pregnancies she had 3 healthy ones and she smoked quite a bit of weed during her pregnancies. so you just never know. her husband smoked more than her so it could have been from either of them i guess. i am like you all though i wouldnt want to take that risk. but i do know people who cant have kids for a while and when they stop smoking it they get pregnant fast. it didnt affect my sisters fertility evidently, although each of her kids are 4 years apart it may have caused her to take longer getting pregnant, i just assumed she spaced them like that.


jenn00 - January 15

i dont really agree with smoking if your tryin to get pregnant but my sister in law did LOTS worse then weed and she smoked weed on top of the other stuff she did she has 3 babies the last one she had almost died but shes been pregnant WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more then 3 times but she got abortions so i dont think its luck like i said i dont agree with people doin drug well tryin to get pregnant if you really wanted a baby you would stop everything to try


emeliz - January 26

It's common sense that people trying to conceive should quit recreational drugs. But just wondering--how bad could it be for a woman to take 2 puffs of marijuana once a month during her period? Esp. when ovulation/menstrual cycle are v. regular.


peacesarah - July 19

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