Late Implantation causing me to miscarry??
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SaintRose83 - October 9

I have had 4 early miscarriages... I just read an article that said the later you implant the more likely it is to have a miscarrage... any thoughts?? I usualy don't get a positive on early home pregnancy tests until 15-18DPO and if I do get a positive that early 15DPO, it is very very light, so is this considered late implantation?? Do you know what can be done?


SaintRose83 - October 10



melthegel - October 11

Have you checked to see whether you have PCOS? People with PCOS are at an increase risk of having early miscarriages. In fact I had two!


meg - October 12

late implantation can definitely cause shortens your luteal phase, which I believe, needs to be about 14 days. I have a good friend who had miscarried 3 times in a row (never any problem getting pg.) & the dr. put her on Clomid to make her O earlier in her cycle, so she would implant earlier, thus having a longer luteal phase. Good luck!


SaintRose83 - October 12

melthegel, no the docs won't check me for pcos, although I have been asking them to do it several times. they say i do not have any the classic symthoms of it. just irregular peiods. do you have any signs of pcos, and how early were your mc's?


terrasmama - October 12

Hey I've had 4 m/c myself. I know where you're coming from. I have pcos. Took clomid for 5 cycles and got pg but m/c again. I had not heard anything about late implantation. My m/c happen very early on also. Docs don't know why I m/c except that now they know I have pcos and like "melthegel" said there is an increased risk for m/c. I'm not giving up. You shouldn't either. I do have one daughter. If your doc won't check you for pcos I would find another doc. The most common symptom of pcos is irregular cycles. My m/c all happen around 5 to 6 weeks.


SaintRose83 - October 12

terrasmama, how do they check for pcos, bloodtests?? do you have any of the classic symthoms of pcos?? since they say i am not overweight, or have excess hair, then i don't need to be checked. although i want to be. all of my mcs have been from 4-6 weeks. when you get diagnoised with pcos what do they do to help you get pregnant???


terrasmama - October 13

Well, my thyroid levels were checked first by doing blood tests. Those all came out fine. Like I said the most common symptom of pcos is irregular cycles. I have read posts from other people saying they are not overweight and have still been diagnosed w/ it. I am overweight. My gyno put me on clomid for 5 cycles and on the last I got pg but then m/c. Now I'm w/ a specialist. He also has ruled in favor of pcos and put me on metformin which is supposed to help even out the insulin levels which is what causes pcos in the first place. Does diabetes run in your family?? I was told I'm pre-diabetic. The specialist also gave me clomid again but upped the dosage and now I go in every week for ultrasounds to check the progress of my follicles developing. This is my first cycle since my last m/c. So I can't tell you if any of this is working or not. Only time will tell. Good luck.


terrasmama - October 13

Also something else. My specialist said that women from certain ethnic heritage will have less hair growth. I have native american and Northern European heritage. That means that I have would have less hair growth. I do have a thin mustache. I don't shave it, but you have to be real close to my face to see it. Hope this helps.


mlscott - October 13

You definately don't have to be overweight to have pcos - I have a friend with it who has had it since her teens and was a thin ballet dancer. I read once that there are 2 subgroups of pcos - one that tends to be overweight and a second that isn't. I would think that they could determine whether you have it by blood work and ultrasound - they should be able to observe cysts. That is what my Dr prescribed for me when I was concerned that I might have it - incidently before I realized that we were having fertility problems. I came up clear though.


SaintRose83 - October 14

thanks, i will insist I be tested for pcos. although im sure they will say no. maybe i will ask a few different docs. does it have to be done by an obgyn?? or can a primary do it? all my bloodwork came by fine for homones and thyroid, but i don't think they checked my insulin levels.


JackieYag - November 14

I have been going through the same thing! I have had 1 medicated timed cycle and 3 medicated iui cycles since last december and they all ended in chemicals. The weird thing is, I get a neg blood test at the dr 14 dpo, start my period, then go in for cd 3 levels to start another cycle and BOOM positive! It always ends by 6 wks, but the fertility dr. Has no explanation or idea why this has happened 4 times! All my bloodwork seems normal but I have PCOS. If you figure it out make sure you update please!



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