Just Plum TTC April10!!!!
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wantanotheraftertr - May 20

well Rom I think I was expecting that update seen it on fb without of course saying you were done ttc. I understand your decision completely and am excited for you I so want to go back to school but $ why does that always have to be the issue? Anyway 5dpo today had a slight dip in temp today wasnt huge tho but I did look back at my other bfps and Joes was an early dip the m/c were both late so maybe this will be it? not sure but if not I will continue just 2 more cycles then Im done! Jodi sorry you are having a heard time this go with scan techs and dr not giving you #s that sucks. And WTF no pic thats just stupid everyone wants a pic of their child I didnt get one the last time cuz I knew and she didnt offer either I think she knew just from me knowing my dates so well I do have a pic of the one before that tho and Joe of course with a video I need to get that out and look at it again LOL TTC free ivf is awesome I think you should do it you are on here cuz you want a baby so bad and to have your eggs there when you want them is great yes I do believe it is painfull but so worth it. ( no I havent had it done but a friend of mine did) 1 time and got her twins well anyway babydust to us all and Rom I will text you if anything important comes up so you wont be missing anything from me LOL miss you all glad to hear from you!XXX


angelmonkey - May 21

just had a quik read through but not time for a long update will pop in the next few days....just letting you know im nearly 37 weeks! this coming wednesday


wantanotheraftertr - May 23

well I am 8DPO today and I am looking at a perfect triphasic chart It is a perfect chart its never looked this good. LOL I am so getting my hopes up for a BFP on thursday ( I hope I wont be disappointed with a BFN now) I was trying to not let this consume me this time but that chat is making me obsess. Anyway today is graduation day for my oldest daughter hard to believe that I will have 2 old enough to be out of the house 3 years till the next one graduates then that Fall I will have a kindergartener! I was pregnant with Joseph at my sons graduation and would be so great If I could tell my daughter I was pregnant at hers. However If I am I will not be announcing to anyone but you and my DH till I know im out of the danger zone. ok done rambeling hope all are well and baby dust to us all and praying some of it rubs off on me from all you who are pregnant!


jodi-ttc-08 - May 24

waiting for update pam... i am in suspense :) very exciting !!!!


jodi-ttc-08 - May 26

i had my follow up dr apt yesterday... i got the films from my ultrasound... it explains that at the time of scan it is gestational 6 weeks and 5 days.. and the edd is 6th january 2011... i am NO mathematician... but based on first day of last period being 25th march....for a 30 day cycle.. due date = 1st january...
based on ovulation due date being april 10th...edd= 1st january..


wantanotheraftertr - May 26

Jodi thats pretty close for your due date! are you going to scan and post a pic of the baby on facebook? anyway I am feeling a bit qweezy and know I should not test tomorrow at 11 dpo but I think I will anyway just cuz and then again on thursday I dont know what to expect right now temp dropped yesterday but came up a bit again today I guess I will temp in the am the poas. LOL here we go im going to me a junky again till july or bfp which ever comes first anyway if no post tomorrow know it was bfn! cant wait to see pics Jodi. Shal how you feeling?


TTCtpe - May 26

well my af was suppose to come today, i dont have any signs that it will come i usually have tender boobs and cramps but not this time, i had an hsg maay 5th, could it have worked? im scared to test i think ill wait it out, what do u think ladies?


jodi-ttc-08 - May 26

tpe... we are mad testers here... test test test.. hehehe...i got a slight bfp on 12dpo cd29. and i started testing from cd 25.. coz its addictive.. then you spend 5 mins studying the tests, squinting, holding it under all different lights, in the sun etc etc... or perhaps thats just me. hehehe..but i didnt mind either way.. as each cycle i did clomid my cycles got shorter and lighter... bonus...and with each unsuccesful cycle i knew i was getting closer to the jackpot... fortunately i seem to have it pretty easy.... 2 months on clomid to get my adorable cameron.. and only 4 cycles for this one.... for the 5 months before that i was breastfeeding... there should only be a 17-18 month gap between these 2 little ones.... shal, what will the gap be between chris and this one ???? i am currently 9 weeks pg.. no morning sickness, no symptoms at all... and time already seems to be flying... baby will be here before i even get used to the idea.... love to all... poas pammy.... waiting....


Shal - May 27

Any News Pam? i have my fingers crossed so tight for you. TTCtpe go for it....TEST, the HSG worked for me, i got pregnant right away after it last year. Glad to hear things are going good Jodi, they have my due date a week earlier than i made it, i said i was due august 5th but they have me at July 28th according to the scan. now i knew for sure my dates as i was doing OPKs, but they said the baby was measuring bigger and it's the scan dates they go by, hey ho, it knocks a week off lol. There will be a 13 month age gap between Chris and this one if i decide to go with induction or 13 and a half months i guess if i wait. i dunno what to do yet, i'm going to wait and speak with the big doctor when i'm 36 weeks, i don't like risking a c section, and my midwife scared me by saying that if i get induced at 38 weeks and the baby isn't ready i'll end up with one, they are so quick to dish out c sections over here, and i really dont want one - not with my last baby, i've always managed to get the others out. i do like the idea of getting my baby early but....i dunno. i'll wait n see what he says. I have my hospital bag all packed, i have a pink parcel in there which has everything pink, blanket, babygro, vest, scratch mits, hat and cardy that i knitted myself. it's so cute, yes, i have a blue parcel exactly the same too. i'm ready for either. one day i have strong feelings that it's a boy, other days i think it's a girl. well i'll see for myself soon enough. How did you cope with the heat the weekend Angel? i couldn't breathe. wont be long for you now, i'm so jealous lol. Rom, i'll Facebook you. hope everyone is ok, i have to pop out but i'll be checking back Pam xxxx


wantanotheraftertr - May 27

well yesterday was a bfn and today looks like a bfn also but my temp is dipping and going up. I looked at the test and when I really woke up and hen there appeared to be a faint bfp which is probably and evap line but just incase I will pick up another test today maybe 2 and test in the am and maybe later today after Ive help my urine for awhile LOL Yes ttc I also say test we deffinatly look at it in every light we can anyway sorry no diffinative news today ( but 12 dpo is usually like this for me ) remember shal the last time LOL anyway I will for sure be checking again tomorrow be back then gotta get ready for work now Babydust


angelmonkey - May 27

oh shall it was horrible! its not good when you walk at the pace of a snail anyway...i got burnt horribly on my back :/ my own fault though.....im 37 weeks 1 day today so anyday now, going to see the midwife today, last week baby was 4/5 engaged....i have only just half packed my hospital bag lol, i just have 2 nutrual outfits and a pink hat and a blue hat pj bottoms for me and some pads.....im so unorganized i dont even have any nb nappys! im off to town today to get some considering its a full moon tonight!!! i had Heidi the night before full moon!


rom - May 27

hey guys, well, it's true, I am taking classes this summer and fall but I'm still going to ttc this summer cuz I don't turn in my app for nursing school until Sept 1 so I have june july and aug to ttc. If i do get preg. I will just finish my fall classes and put off nursing school a bit. If I don't then nursing school it is full force. I do want to have another baby but I have other things I can do and I have a beautiful fam so I will be ok if I don't The cool thing is even if I get preg. I can still go to school with all the online stuff, you can't do that with nursinig school but heck I can take so many classes that when I do get in nursing school once I graduate i can have a bachelors or just get a bachelors in something other than nursing all the while at home with baby. I am taking campus based classes this summer (well one on-line to get my feet wet with it) and campus based this fall but next spring if I am pg and baby due I would just take on-line. But if no baby by Aug then I will go into nursing classed in Jan. so there is where I'm at and this is a secret no family knows I plan this matter-of-fact they are rather happy to hear me call it quits which I secretly find offensive! pam I know this is a sucky time hoping for that bfp only to get bfn. You still have a chance so keep your chin up. Shal I miss you. Glad everyone is good and the little beans! ;-)


wantanotheraftertr - May 28

well is deffinatly a bfn and you know what I'm ok with it! does that mean I am done? I honestly am not disappointed at all maybe cuz I was expecting it again or dread get the bfp only to have a failed pregnancy again! either way its all good I'm not sure losing sleep is worth it and I so enjoy Joe it will be easier to go on the airplane with only 1 so Not sure i'm going to use the clomid I have left! Angel goodluck can't wait for the news Shal you too Good luck Rom with all your hearts desires!


Aunemom2b - May 28

HEY GIRLS!! I'm still not use to this new site!! LOL!! I'm waiting for my BFN - I feel like AF is right around the corner, but praying hard she's not - I will test in the morning and then I always start right after that! LOL! We decided to get another puppy in the meantime!! she is a pit/boxer mix and super sweet and smart!! We got her last week for father's day (early) and we are loving her!! The 1 1/2 year old border collie doesn't feel the same way we do though!! HAHA!! Having two is definitely different! But it gets you prepared! - RIGHT!? :-) lol Hope everyone is well - have a great and safe holiday weekend!


jcavanagh - May 28

Hello all, I posted a few weeks ago and I thought I would give an update. I finally got a BFP on my OPK the 24th, so I am currently 3 DPO and this 2ww is gonna drive me insane. I will be really surprised if we do conceive since this is our first month on Clomid but I am really hoping to be surprised. lol Congratulations for those who have conceived and I wish you all the best. For those who haven't yet I know what your going through. I tried for 3 yrs to get pregnant with my daughter who is 4 1/2 now and I am hoping I don't have to go through that again. I start summer classes June 7th so if this month doesn't produce a BFP then at least I will have homework to help take my mind off of things. Baby dust to all!


wantanotheraftertr - May 31

well officially cd1 again! undecided as to how I will proceed this month if at all! guess I better decide soon cd3 would be the first day for clomid! who knows!



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