It says im ovulating
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TS - December 2

My husband and I have been married for 6 years this month. We have use no type of protection through out our marriage. We have not became pregnant at this point. We have only been "trying" for about a year. Using a calander. Now we got the ovulation kits, so it says im ovulating, so does this mean just have intercourse immediately. This becoming pregnant process has become very stressful to me. Before we contributed it to my Crohn's Disease as I have a severe case and am considered disabled. That on top of going to college, surgeries, etc. we figured that was the cause of our infertility. Now that i have graduated.... nothing... Anyways I supose that was alot of extra just for my simple question but I wanted you to see the whole picture. Thanks all!


Michie - December 3

Hi TS.
The ovulation kit gives you your fertile to highest fertile days in which you should have intercourse every other day, (inorder to allow for your husbands sperm count to mature) but making sure you DO have intercourse on the High peak day.
Hope that helps. Good Luck.



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