i've been trying to have but can't concieve
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me - December 3

i've been trying to get pregant for the last six months and can't what can i do?
my husband is in the military and i want to be pregant before he goes to iraq. what can i do?


Michie - December 4

Hi me-
If your cycle is 28 days long (regular cycle) you should have intercourse between days 10-20. Remember, don't have intercourse everyday, do it every other day. (this is so your husbands sperm count can mature) Good Luck.


pinkywantsbaby - December 21

Oh my, I was in same boat hun, My hubby just ot back from Iraq and I dealt with not only that but him not being with me last x mas. Just try your best until then and hope it all turns out well!!! tc hun :military spouses Overseas:



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