Hydrosalpinx anyone?
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Alanas Mommy - June 4

Hi, I am 26 years old, and a wife and mother of a 15 month old beautiful daughter. My daughter is pretty much a miracle. I was diagnosed with hydrosalpinx 5 years ago and 10 years ago I had surgery which they removed my right ovary and tube. My one remaining tube evidently was severely damaged from the scar tissue from my surgery. I was told I would never have a successful pregnancy naturally and that IVF was my only hope. My daughter is a miracle and I thank God for her EVERY DAY! Sometimes I feel guilty wanting another child because I am so lucky to have her, but regardless I do want another child. I want to give my baby girl a little brother or sister. So, I've been TTC for almost a year now and I am really getting so frustrated. If I never do get pregnant again I will always be thankful that I had the opportunity to have my daughter, I can't stress that enough. However, I just want this so bad. I'm sure if you're reading this you probably have had problems TTC as well, so I'm sure you understand my frustrations. Is there any recommendations of anything that I can do to get pregnant again? I know I could always go for IF treatments and such, but my DH and I just really don't have the money for such treatments:( I really want this and I just want to see if anybody is in a similar situation as me, or perhaps has been in the past, that can give me some advice that might help me be able to conceive again. Sorry if this is long or if I'm rambling. TIA!


Alanas Mommy - June 6



SaintRose83 - July 28

Are you still on here?? I have this too... I would like to talk to you, I have it in both tubes, but both tubes are open, and now I am pregnant, docs say it will end in mc. Like my other 3 pregnancys


melissam - July 31

I had this , I had to do IVF and I m currently 35 weeks pregnant. I didi not have to have my tubes removed before the ivf either. You have to find a good fertility doc. It is best to do this soon because u will be hating it every month when your perios comes..it will drive u CRAZY!!!!!


SaintRose83 - July 31

Melissam, do you have hydro in both tubes? Were they open or closed??? Did you have a history of mc's due to the hydro, or never got pregnant on your own? Thanks!


SaintRose83 - August 1



chandellina - August 6

hi ladies, i was told last week it looks like i have a hydrosalpinx; i am having an HSG on Wednesday and probably a laparoscopy next week depending on what we see on the HSG. i have been ttc for 17 cycles since having had two miscarriages within six months. i don't know if the hydrosalpinx could have been there all along or if it's new. It never showed up on a scan until last week and trust me after miscarriage investigations, three rounds of clomid, an IUI and a cancelled IVF cycle i have had an awful lot of scans!! i was told it has to be sorted (i.e., clip or remove the tube) before IVF though becaue the fluid can inhibit implantation or cause miscarriage. SaintRose - did they just find out - did they know it caused your other miscarriages??


SaintRose83 - August 6

Chandellina.....After I had 3 mc's and all my blood tests came back normal, I went in for an HSG. There they saw my tubes open, but in both of my tubes they saw hydrosalpinx. The doctor then said my mc's were due to that. I am currently going though my 4th mc right now. I was 5 weeks along. How far along do you get??? I am waiting for a referral to Shady Grove, there I will get the tubes removed if I decide to do IFV. Are both of you tubes affected or just one?? Because if it is just one, then you should be able to concive without IVF once the infected tube has been removed. Did the doc tell you what caused yours?


chandellina - August 6

hi saintrose, my miscarriages were both around 8 weeks. the first time the embryo had stopped developing around 5.5 weeks. the second one we had a heartbeat at 7 weeks but it stopped a few days later. i don't know if i might have had the hydrosalpinx or if that came later - for example maybe from the D&C I had for the second miscarriage. my miscarriages were unexplained and i had all the blood tests, karotyping, etc. So that's my only theory on where the hydrosalpinx might have come from - but like i said before i am surprised then it wouldn't turn up on an earlier scan. i have never knowingly had a pelvic infection and have tested negative for all STDs. i did hear though that the IVF drugs can promote the buildup up fluid. (i took the drugs in June but my cycle was cancelled because i only developed five follicles and they wanted more) As far as i know it's just the one tube but i don't know what they'll find from my HSG. Do they know how you got your hydros??


chandellina - August 6

Saintrose, also just wanted to say i'm so sorry you're going through another miscarriage.


SaintRose83 - August 6

chandellina... that sounds likely that the d&c might have caused the infection... from what the doc said hydro will cause real early mc's... my 1st was around 6 weeks, 2nd was 4 weeks, 3rd.. 4 weeks, and 4th was 5 weeks.... my doc said she thinks an std probally clamida or gonnareah caused it.. but I have tested negitive for them quite a few times... as far as I know I have never had that, nor any infection that I know of.. so I have no idea how I got it. I'm hoping to get another opinion from a different doc. What IVF drugs did you take that can cause fluid buildup?? Clomid?


chandellina - August 7

hi SaintRose, on my IVF attempt i was taking 300iu of gonal-f, which is a fairly high dose. I've also had 75iu menopur for my failed IUI and did three rounds of 50mg clomid. (the third time i developed a big cyst.) it seems strange we can have infections without ever knowing it. I've never had any unusual pain or discharge. well hopefully i will have more information after tomorrow!


chandellina - August 8

hi SaintRose, i had my HSG today and now my dr says no hydrosalpinx. He says the tubes are clear and it may have just been a cyst or something that made the tube looked swollen on the scan. i hope he is right. he says no need now to do the laparoscopy so i'm not going to. maybe if IVF fails i will want to investigate further but right now i'm just happy to finally hear something positive!!


SaintRose83 - August 8

chandellina....What kind of scan did the "hydro" show up on?? I'm glad everything looked good on the HSG. Thats what really matters. Why are you going for IVF if you don't have the hydro. What makes the doc think you won't concive naturally?.


chandellina - August 8

Hi SaintRose. the suspected hydrosalpinx showed up on a vaginal ultrasound. i am having IVF because i have been ttc for so long with no luck and because i am now 37!! we have also found that my dh, who is 32, has a not fabulous profile on his sperm. he's in normal ranges but at the very low end. it's been frustrating, since we literally got pregnant on our first attempt two years ago, and then right away after that miscarriage. but we don't know why i miscarried and why i haven't conceived since so there are still lots of unanswered questions about my fertility. it would be fabulous if we conceived naturally this month after the HSG, but after all these months it just feels like mission impossible!


Alanas Mommy - November 13

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry, I had checked this a couple of times & didn't get a response so I quit checking. I didn't realize there were responses until now! Thanks for posting:) Wow! I read my post again, this was 5 months ago! My daughter is 20 months old now. Anyway, I had an ultrasound done & they didn't see the hydrosalpinx, but they were going to do the hsg but my insurance wouldn't cover it. So my doctor mentioned checking my husband's sperm... I told him I truly believe my husband isn't the issue. I'm the one with the medical history with infertility. So then he decided to give me Clomid. I took an ovulation predictor test today & it looks like I'm getting close to my LH surge, so I should ovulate this week. I got 2 line, but one line was really faint. So obviously I still haven't gotten pregnant, but we're still trying. We're trying to "take advantage" everyday, but at the very least every other day. I always heard that since sperm can stay alive for 48 hours, that it's only necessary to BD every other day. I think I had an early miscarriage a few months ago. I took a pregnancy test & got a very faint line showing positive. I was a week late for AF, but then I got heavier bleeding than usual & I was in more pain than usual. Then I took another test & it was negative:( Well, it's a frustrating experience, but we'll try to tough it out. These side effects from the Clomid are no fun:( I've been getting hot flashes, abdominal cramps, & nausea:( I've heard that Clomid has a very high success rate. Is anyone else on this? Or has anyone else taken Clomid before? SaintRose83, how are you? Did things go well for you? I'm sorry to hear the doctor didn't think things would go well. I hope everything is ok. In terms of how you can get Hyrdro, I've never had any kind of infection, but the doctor said that mine was caused from scar tissue from my abdominal surgery. It seems the Hydro has cleared up, but how???


SaintRose83 - November 13

Hello Alanas Mommy well a lot has changed since I wrote that responce... well bad news is I had another mc at 5 weeks. good news is that the stupid kaiser doctor read my slides wrong and i don't have hydro at all. turns out that my lh hormone is higher than the fsh hormone, which can indicate pcos. i am with shady grove now and am getting ready to do an injectable meds. although shady grove doesn't think its hormonal ( guessing lining issue) they will be monitoring me more closly and hopefully we can figure out what is causing these repeat mc's.



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