Hubby check up
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Toni Jill ;) - September 16

My husband and I have been trying to become pregnant for about 14 months now. I have had my check ups but can't convince him to go. I am tired of starting my period, month after month and being upset, thinking it's my fault. How can I convice him that it is ok to go to the doctor to see if his "manhood" is working properly? Please help, i am tired of being sad!


Tricia - September 16

What a loser! I'm assuming he wants the baby, right? Well, if he does than he has to do it. I'd give an ultimatum: go get checked or forget about the baby. Don't get sad. Get even.


Helen - September 16

You have to make him realize how important it is that he go get his sperm tested. If you can't do this yourself it might be time to involve a marriage counsellor. If you sit down and really explain to him how upset you are he might give in. Good luck!


Toni Jill ;) - September 20

I have asked him for the past couple of months to go to the doctor. My doctor says that they can have his sperm sent off to be tested and I just can't seem to get him to see the importance of it. I am to the point now that I want to go back on BC to keep from being upset, wondering and waiting every month. How can I help him see?


curious - October 28

This is just my opinion, but it seems like if he doesn't care enough to ease your pain by slightly inconviencing himself for you during such an important phase in life.... are you sure he is someone you even want to be having a child with?? Tell him to put your needs ahead of his own.... that's how things are supposed to be in love and marraige.


Crystal - November 4

Explain to him that most places will allow you to get the sample in the comfort of your own home and even include you spouse in the process (so it doesn't feel like a "chore"). Help him understand that just b/c you're not pregnant and you're having a period regularly, it doesn't mean there is definitly something wrong with him. This is just another test that has to be done before you can further any recommended infertility treatment. More than likely, it is something that could be handled w/ a common infertility procedure. The longer he waits, the farther off the conception could be. Also, the added stress could be making it harder to conceive. Just talk to him. Try to make it as non-confrontational as possible. Keep in mind he may also be upset that there could be something wrong w/ him and it may take some coaxing. Good Luck!


christina - November 19

hi my husband and went through what your going through. we have been ttc for seven years. up until two years ago we thought it was me.we went to a urologist for a consult. we then had an appointment for a sperm analysis he only made the appt if i go in with him and help and also to prove me wrong that it couldn't possibly be him. well it turned out that it is.he has less than 1% sperm count also found out it is because of a genectic factor. the dr. said the only way we have kids is through a donor. he was very angry and it did cause arguements. but we really really want a family at all cost. we went for a second oppinion and were told through IVF a procedure called ICSI we might have a chance to have our own because all we need is one good sperm. but if that does not work we will go the donor route. but we do believe in miracles and pray to st. Gerard who is the patron saint of expecting mothers for a miracle that we conceive on our own while going through our fertility.



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