Had Chlamydia and Gonorrea for 2 years (do you know if..)
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lolis - July 1

I need advise,
I'm 28 and at age 22 (year 1997) I was infected without knowing, I started to feel the symptoms after a year and I was diagnosed with Gonorrea and treated then eight months later my partner at the time developed more symptoms, he went to the doctor and he got positive in Chlamydia and he became negative in gonorrea. I went back to the doctor and I was positive with Chlamydia (they mistested). I never had sex with any other partner but him. He never got positive in Gonorrea which really doesn't make any sense. Anyway, now that I want to conceive I gathered all my medical records and found out that basically I was infected in August 1997 and never got symptoms so I was able to get diagnosed but after one episode of Gonorrea and later on one with Chlamidia (1999) and got cured, basically I had both infections for two years which puts me in a high risk for PID. I already got went to see 3 doctors, one recommends laparoscopy to see if I develop PID. The other two doctors don't believe that I develop PID since they already explored me and I don't have no pain, and never had the symptoms related to PID (pelvic inflamatory disease). They say to try to conceive for a year and then if nothing happens they will proceed.
Do you think I have PID?, should I perform laparoscopy or just wait. I've been trying to conceive for the last couple of months and nothing......


teigan - August 13

sometimes stds can infect your fertility, clyamidia causes the tiny hairs on your falopian tubes to stand up stiff, rather than light and fluffy to help the egg flow down go and get some tests done


to lolis - August 15

hi, i also was diagnosed with chlamidia and gonorrea and wasn't exactly sure how long i'd had it for maybe a year and i did also get PID which was really painful, i've now been ttc for 2yrs and nothing i have a laparoscopy appointment in 2months to see whats going on in there but i'm pretty sure either endometriosis or blocked tubes, if i were you i'd have the laparoscopy to be on the safe side its better to know sooner than later. good luck


To Lolis - August 15

Hey girl i suggest you get it treated ASAP i had Chlamidia got it treated right away. The doc said in the long run it could of turned into cervical cancer so don't wait to long. I had a hard time concieving with this diagnose but it happen after everything was cleared and good to go. Trishua


Ashley - October 5

I'm in a similar situation~ I was diagnosed with Gonorrea 8 months ago. My ex fiance was cheating on me so I really have no idea how long I had the disease. Doctors guess around 6 months. Now I am with a wonderful man and I have been trying with him for about 2 months and nothing yet. I'm very worried I won't be able to concieve because of the std. My doctor also told me that If i had PID I would have been in severe pain and that was never the case. Somebody please tell me something encouraging! thanks


peacesarah - July 11

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