grandpa viv please help
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maira - December 27

happy holidays, well i am 33 yr old woman that has 3 kids already 15,13,8. but we want one more. so we have just started trying on the 1st of dec. my lasst period was oct 29th did not have one at all in nov. but keep in mind that i was not having sex yet. any way so when dec. came i only had my period for 2 days that was dec. 10th and 11th. we have been having sex every day or every other day because i don't know when i am ovulating. but i took a pg test on the 23rd of dec. and it came out neg. then i went and bought a ovulating kit and started with that. i am getting some cramping and my brest have been ichy around the nipples. i dont know if its just me of could there be a chance that i am pg. i always be came pg so fast for my other 3 but this one is taking some time is that normal for a woman my age? or could i be pg already? i did make an appt. for my doc on the 29th nov. to see if i can get a blood test done. what do you think?


Rebecca - December 28

You are so lucky that you have 3. I wish we did. Best of luck to you and your family.


MARIA - December 28




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