Free vials/sperm donor!
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jamers - January 6

I have read this website over and over, e-mailed this man, and am curious if you ladies think it's a good idea. It seems VERY thorough and legit. It's free vials thru this sperm donor, check out the website and let me know what you think!

h t t p / / w w w freevials com / index html

This might not work I might have to put it in another way....


jamers - January 6

okay it worked but take out the spaces and add the colon and . where they would obviously be put


Teddyfinch - January 7 works well too lol.


Teddyfinch - January 7

did you read the legal contract? let me copy/paste something for you and let you decide if you think it's worth it to you. "The sperm donor has tested to be a carrier of the following recessive genetic defect: cystic fibrosis." and his whole perfect family seems a little fake to me, but then again i believe every family has a black sheep in it lol. let us know what you find out.


fncdavis - January 7

DH and I are using a sperm donor from Fairfax Cyro Bank and I have to say that this site freaks me out. WHY would he be giving away his vials? I know donor sperm is expensive but your paying for the hundreds of tests preformed and your dealing with a well established institute. This just doesn't seem on the up and up to me. Just my opinion though. Good luck to everyone. Cindy


Cynthiabu - January 7

OH WOW! Please, don't use this guy. I work in a children's hospital and see what kind of suffering all the cyctic fibrosis patients go through, plus they all die so young since it's a fatal disease. Check out another site. There are some that sell the vials for 200 each.


whynotme - January 7

Stay away from that site!! Something is a little fishy there. I know that it is expensive to use a donor from a clinic, but it is worth the peace of mind in the long run. Free isn't always better!


NMN Keri - January 7

run as fast as you can. Something's not right.


Sweetpea - January 7

jamers-I have seen this website but I believe it was under another web address. I did a report about 7 years ago on free donors and their motives and I remember seeing his page. /spermdonorinfo.html Reputable sperm banks only allow so many deposits per donor so that makes this guys story a bit fishy. I'm curious what his motives are, they usually all claim they want to help woman but unfortunately usually that is not their main motive. Google "free sperm donor" and you're likely to get a million hits. Be very careful and very selective when choosing a donor, this is probably one of the hardest decisions you'll ever have to make.


NMN Keri - January 7

So, what is the motivation for these guys to set up websites and give away sperm?? Are they just twisted or do they get something out of it financially somehow??


jamers - January 7

OH I thought I couldn't put in a website addy, for some reason lol. But YES I did read about the carrier of cystic fibrosis. He does NOT have it, he is just a carrier. I researched it and found that if one person had it, the child could not get it. and if both parents had it, the child had a 50 50 chance of getting it. Don't qoute me, but it was something like that. But I remember the chances being very slim. He said he felt like he had a very blessed life and all this other stuff, and he wanted to let women have the opportunity to give life, if they cannot afford the cost. I'm not sure of this man either but it seems totally legit. Since this is an extremely important decision I will definitely go with the place. They charge $200 per vial and $152 for shipping.. and picking from tons and tons seems a lot better then having this one "free sperm donor"!! Thanks ladies! That's all I needed was for someone to either say GO FOR IT or talk me out of it!


Sweetpea - January 9

Keri-It surprising to find out how many guys want to have a bunch of their offspring running around (it's probably a bonus that they have absolutely no financial responsibility). There are also a few who believe that they have superior genes/dna and believe that by donating their sperm they are helping the human race evolve-I swear I am not kidding.


sphinx - January 10

wow... I knew some men had ego problems but wow... free sperm to help the human race... theres a new one


resatalt - February 4

there are many questions of is this free vials website lejit I just want to say yes. if it wasn't for him I would not have my daughter which is perfctly healthy and smart as a whip. she has been tested and she doesn't have cf and shes not a carrier of it either so you can beleive what you want but I have proof its a good thing.


monkey12345 - March 13

w w w . t r e n t d o n o r . org


monkey12345 - March 13

w w w . t r e n t d o n o r . org


Akeya247 - May 7

He's my sperm donor and I know one of the kids he father. She's the most beautiful and smartest little lady I know. I'm anxiously awaiting for my positive pregnancy results. If you don't know him, shut the hell up!!!! He's AWESOME!



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