First time IUI success?
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Jen T. - February 20

Yep!! IUI worked the first time. We were relieved to find something that finally worked after 2 + years of TTC with unexplained infertility. My son is now 10 months old. So glad we kept trying when we felt nothing would work! Good luck to you all!!!


SaintRose83 - February 20

hi, im going to be doing my first iui this cycle. i am on cycle day 7 right now, and im taking 75 of folistim, i go back in on friday for more bloodwork and ultrasound, but i should do an iui soon. i had a good response last cycle 2 folicles but we did timed intercouse and got a bfn. so im excited to try an iui for the first time. i have had 2 mc and 2 chemical pregnanys. irregular cycles, lh and dheas are elevated, which suggest mild pcos, and we just found out dh has 80% abnormal sperm ( reason were doing iui) so we have some things to overcome, so hopefully this will be a sucess. congrads on the bfp's! does the iui hurt at all??


kikilee - February 23

Well Im having my frist IUI in a week and im so excited I keep telling myself that this is going to work and we are finally going to have the baby that we have been waiting so long for ,hearing everyones stories has just help me so much i just wanted to say thank you and congrats to all who have concived and good luck to all who is ttc. great question


SaintRose83 - February 25

kikilee when will your iui be? mine will be either fri or sat. right now were only working with one follcile :( but it only takes one right.


Eskyborn - March 10

I had my first IUI Friday, Feb 29th. I am dying to test but I know it's too early. i just keep hoping I'm in that 10-20% success rate. Anyone else waiting to test this week? Good luck!


BeachGal - March 10

Eskyborn-- I also had my first IUI on Feb 29th. I took hpt this morning and got BFN! Atleast my Ovidrel trigger shot is out of my system, but I'm sure I will be testing every day until my blood test this Thurs! How are you doing?


GTsmommy - March 10

I did my first IUI on Feb 28th and I'm HATING this 2ww! I have two friends that got preg during their 1st IUI cycles, so I keep hoping that I did too! However, I am feeling pessimistic today - all the signs of PMS are here (shouldn't there be a rule that you stop getting pimples once you're over 30!?!?). Waiting waiting waiting for blood test on Thu - 3/13... can't come soon enough. Good luck girls!


BeachGal - March 10

GTsmommy- have you taken any hpts yet?
What experience have any of you had w bbts? Mine show the 2 phases but seem to be up and down and up and down...


GTsmommy - March 10

BeachGal - Thanks for the reply, it's always helpful to know that we're not alone in this crazy process.
I promised myself that I wouldn't do any HPTs - Over the past 7 years, I've probably spent hundreds of dollars on them and I'm fairly certain that if I have to see another dreaded "single line," I'll go bananas. The same is true for bbts... I did it for a while and then stopped because it was making me coo-koo. Not that it's not a good idea, I just needed to stop for my sanity. I use OPKs from Day 10-18 and this month I O'd on Day 12. Good luck!! Only three more days of waiting...


SaintRose83 - March 11

i am currently 11 dp / iui and i test offiically on Friday. I might go ahead and do a test at home just to see. Have you tested yet?


GTsmommy - March 11

Sounds like Eskyborn, SaintRose, BeachGal and me are all on the same IUI cycle! Good luck all - isn't this waiting horrible?!?!?! I haven't done any hpt because I can't handle seeing a bfn. I'm trying to hold out until the b/w on Thursday. I have a hpt at home tho and I may break down and do it tomorrow. Have you gals been testing? daily?


BeachGal - March 11

So I was able to hold out and not take a hpt this morning. I guess I was excited that my bbt went up again and didn't want the test to ruin it! i actually sneak my charting bc DH doesn't want me to do it, because I get fanatical about it! I hope I can hold out until my b/w thurs morning, but I don't know if I can! So what kind of treatments is everyone on? I did Clomid 50mg d3-7, Ovidrel trigger shot, now Crinone progesterone support until I get a BFN (or hopefully BFP)! does anyone know about sperm counts? My IUI was 61.5 million with 90.5% motility which sounds great to me, but still only 20% success? How can that be?! Baby dust to you all!!!!


GTsmommy - March 11

That count/motility are great. Agree, the 20% success is SO discouraging. It seems like if you have good sperm and good follicles you'd have a 90% chance! ho hum. I'm doing clomid/IUI with donor sperm this month for the first time. 100 mg clomid d3-d7 also and no trigger or meds post-IUI. Waiting now for Thursday's blood test. Feeling af coming tho. urg.


BeachGal - March 11

so what are your symptoms that you think AF is coming? I had a m/c on Nov 30, 2007 and can't tell the difference between AF and the pregnancy, so no worries yet! are you charting your bbt?


SaintRose83 - March 11

beach.. how many follicles did u have that they gave you a 20% chance? i only had one and i read online that it was a 6% chance, but i don't quite get that.... if in a reg cycle everyone else has a 20% chance to concieve how come an iui cycle would be lower and not higher... the treatment i was on was follistim 75 for 11 days and then the ovidril shot


BeachGal - March 11

I had 2 follies, one on each ovary. All these percent chances don't seem accurate. It's so mind boggling that with millions and millions of sperm that there can't be a better chance! I'm also worried that my RE didn't put me on Follistim or Gonal-F injections with the Clomid. Do you know why they started you with the Follistim?



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