First time IUI success?
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Mommyhopeful - February 7

bls81 I am actually 15 dpiui today. I did a HPT this morning and it was BFN. I went ahead and tested myself before I go in for my blood work today that way if it comes back BFN with them to I would have already known...I guess not as big of a let down. This is my first IUI w/clomid, progesterone suppositories and ovidril. I am really hoping that it worked. I have had 2 miscarriages 1st August 30, 2007 2nd December 11, 2007 both with Ovidril as a trigger only. We found out that DH has low count with low motility so now its on to IUIs for us. We have been ttc for 2 years so I hope something happens soon.


Mommyhopeful - February 8

I am so bummed. I went in for my blood work and it was NEGATIVE. I am so confused. I had my IUI on January 24th. I usually have 28 day cycles which I was due for on monday the 4th it never showed. Now 4 days later no AF and a BFN agh....Doc says come in again for another beta on monday the 11th. We will just have to wait and see what happens.


bls81 - February 8

Mommyhopeful- I'm sorry about the BFN. I've heard that the Progesterone Suppositories can delay af as well, that could be it :-{ Maybe you will have good luck on Monday when you have another beta! Maybe you jsut take a long time to build up HCG? Im keeping my everything crossed for you!


ZenGirl - February 8

MOMMYYHOPEFUL- did the Dr. mention anything about coming off the progesterone?


Mommyhopeful - February 9

Well I have left a message for my doc to call me today in regards to stopping the progesterone. I should here from him anytime. It just confuses me because I have been on progesterone before and started my AF on the 28th day of my cycle exactly like I usually do. This is just so confusing. Well I will know something by monday I suppose.


Mommyhopeful - February 9

Well before the Doc ever got a chance to call Af arrived agh well I guess we just will have to try again......


bls81 - February 9

So I tested yesterday at 10dpiui / 11 days post trigger and got a BFP...albeit the test was definitely lighter than the control...but a faint line is still a positive from what I hear/ read. So being guarded since I also had the trigger shot 11 days prior I wasnted to test again this morning. I did and the line is definitely darker than yesterdays. I am trying to stay guarded b/c of the trigger shot, but today is 11dpiui/ 12 dp trigger, so it had to be out of my system by now! Right?
I will test again tomorrow and Monday than at 7am Tuesday I go in for my beta. I don't quite know how to feel just yet...b/c again I'm staying guarded and I don't know how to be pregnant. I mean I've gotten the sorry speech soooo many times from the doctor over the past 14 months. I don't know how to actually get a positive! Such a mixed bag of feelings. So for now we are just thankful that this may have really worked for us....finally.
Anybody else have success stories of IUI #1 and / or success stories of any IUI? I would love to hear!


babywish - February 10

Hey all, I just tested and got a BFP!!! My very first IUI and it worked holy cow, husband thinks I should test again tomorrow. I might., I will have to go to cvs and get another test. I still can't believe it, not even sure how to feel, we've been trying so long.... I'm spreading my babywish and dust to all of you as well.


tdo - February 10

bls81 and babywish,
Congrats!! Wish I could rub your bellies for good luck!! I'll prob have my first IUI in March. Hope its successful.


aprilntom - February 13

bls81 & Spring, our insems were close together. Mine was on 01/30. Waiting for AF to NOT appear on Friday. :)


ZenGirl - February 13

we are going in for our first IUI this Friday!! i did 2.5 mg of femara cd3-cd7, gonal-f (75iu) and i will do ovidril to trigger tonight. i am so nervous and excited at the same time! i hope this works!!! i would LOVE to be one of the lucky first timers!! :))


joannie - February 15

how common is it for the docs to do medicated IUI. I am going to the doctor for an appointment soon, but I have never had a problem with getting pg in the past. My current husband is the reason for IUI. Would they try unmedicaed first or just go straight for the medicated? Brandy


ZenGirl - February 16

our RE gave us the final say with the decision but when we chose medicated, she decided what that would entail.


bls81 - February 16

Well my first beta Tues (14dpiui) was 198 and my second thurs (16dpiui) was 490! It more than doubled in 48 hrs! So now I go for my first sono on Tues 2/19, I can't wait! aprilntom did you test? Did you get AF?


faith4ever - February 17

hi everyone! This is my first IUI with injectables. Was on clomid for 3 cycles but it didn't work. I'm on my 12dpiui and in 2 days my 2WW will be over. I hope this cycle works for me. I've been praying and trying my best to stay positive. Wish me luck!! babywish and bls81- congratulations to the both of you!


Jen T. - February 20

Yep!! IUI worked the first time. We were relieved to find something that finally worked after 2 + years of TTC with unexplained infertility. My son is now 10 months old. So glad we kept trying when we felt nothing would work! Good luck to you all!!!



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