First Round of Clomid . . .
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chorona - June 8

Hi Susan,

I would wait to test again. You're only 14dpo so it doesn't necessarily mean that the test would be accurate. Wait until the weekend if you can. Trust me, all I wanted to do while on vacation was go buy a pregnancy test but thank God dh restrained me. lol

If this cycle doesn't work for you, you should ask your dr about letrozole (femara). It's like Clomid but a lot of women respond better to it. Apparently women with PCOS sometimes don't have success with Clomid and have more luck with letrozole. That's what I'll be doing next.

I did another OPK yesterday at 3pm and it was positive again. I did one more today at 1:45 (I wanted to wait until 3 but I had to go the bathroom so badly that I just thought "what the heck!"). There was a faint line this time, much, much lighter than the control line, which means it's negative. This leads me to believe that the last 2 tests were accurate. I was scared that this one would be positive as well and then I'd know for sure that there was something wrong. I doubt you're supposed to get more than 2 positive results, seeing as how ovulation only takes 24hrs max.
BUT...I'm still not convinved that I can trust this test. I had drank a lot of water during lunch so my urine would've been diluted which is not good for testing. I think I will test again when I get home from work.(yes, I'm so obssessed that I brought a test to work!) Plus the instructions say that if there was a recent pregnancy then it could affect the results. I'm not sure if LH would still be present after my chemical pregnancy.

Oh well, we'll continue to BD and see what happens.

Talk to you soon!!!


susan4988 - June 8

hello chorona! well i called my dr office today. asked them if they were going to order bloodtest before starting next months treatment. so, i go on friday to get a beta done. they said they would call me on saturday to give me the results. so we'll see. i am not really expecting anything. the test i took yesterday was negative nor am i having any pregnancy symptoms. let's just say i will be more surprised if i am pregnant, that if i am not. time will tell.

this was my first month on clomid so not sure if dr will be ready to change meds yet or not. i did produce 1 egg; it was an 8 when i went for my first f/s on 5/24. when i went back on 6/1 there was no egg. so i figure i o'd around the 25th/26th. i had got a +opk on the 25th. since the follicle was only an 8, that is why i am not really counting on being pregnant. dr and nurse said it wasn't really big enough to support pregnancy. but we'll see.

hope your opk has a + result for you. i will keep you in my prayers. chat soon.!


chorona - June 9

Hi Susan,
Don't count too much on pregnancy symptons. I didn't have any either and I was pregnant. Unfortunately it didn't last,though.

I got positive OPKs on Sunday and Monday, did 2 yesterday just to confirm and there was a faint line which means it's negative because the control line was much darker, so I thought I had already ovulated, which is perfect because we BD the last 3 days just in case. Then I did another one today and it's positive! So now I don't know what's going on. I feel like I may have ovulated because I've felt some pains in my left side, but then again it could just be in my head.
Point of the story is that I can't rely too much on these OPKs. I go for my follow up next Tuesday so we'll see what the dr says. Either way, I won't be able to start meds until after June 30th. If I don't get af by then I have to go on meds to force on af before I can take Letrozole.

I only did 1 round of Clomid and my dr told me that if it didn't work then we wouldn't waste time on it again, we would go straight to Letrozole.

I'm trying to not think about it so much, but who am I kidding!!! :-)

Talk to you soon!

If you ovulated on the 26th then if you aren't pregnant your af should be coming soon. I hope that af doesn't come and that on Saturday you will get good news!


susan4988 - June 9


well the seeds of doubt are beginning to creep in! i have been convinced that i was not pregnant. now today, i have been having some spotting. it's brown old blood, so not sure. maybe implantation bleeding?? not sure. ok TMI WARNING! TMI WARNING! TMI WARNING! i also seem to be having an excessive amount of CM today too, which seems wierd. it's the wrong time for it. i just don't know what to think! GRRRR!!! at least i will have an answer saturday!

sorry about the opk's. i haven't really used them much. wish i had a better answer for ya. hopefullly all the BD will have a fabulous result!!

chat soon.


chorona - June 10

HAHAHA Thanks for the warning.
No need to warn in the future. We're all going through the same thing and it's nothing that we haven't seen/heard before.

I'm not sure what to tell you about the bleeding. I've heard mixed reports on implantation bleeding. Some say it exists other don't believe in it. I have no clue. I didn't have any bleeding or symptoms. But that doesn't mean anything. One thing I've realized in the last few days is that as much as we and the doctors think we know about conception, there's still so much that is unexplainable.

I've never tracked my CM or BBT, so I don't know what to look for. But yes, I have heard that there's usually a lot of CM right before ovulation.
I'll be honest with you, when I had follies that were 8mm and 9mm, I was told that those can't be ovulated because they're not mature yet. It took 11 days for them to grow to a good size. On Clomid, your follies should be between 20-24mm. I had 2 that were 23mm and 19mm and both of those were released (we were really hoping for twins).
So, it could very well be that you're ovulating now, which means you and DH have to BD at least every other day just in case. Again, I could be completly wrong. And I hope that I am wrong.
Either way you'll know Saturday and then you can go from there. Sometimes the worst part is waiting around for stuff to happen.

Good luck!!!


susan4988 - June 10

hi there! well, no need for the beta tomorrow. i started my period today. and oh, have i been crampy this afternoon!! and my lower back has been achy!! i hate it! although this is my first "natural period" in years!!! i have been taking provera since about 2001 or 2002; i don't remember exactly. didn't take any this month. usually take it the 1-10 of each month and start my period between the 9-12th. so anyways, i called dr office to let them know that a beta was not needed that i had started my period. dr was not in the office this afternoon, so he is going to call me in the morning to let me know what the plan of action is for the month. so i'll know more tommorrow.

how are things going for you?? where are you with things? hope things are moving along well for you.


chorona - June 16

Hi Susan,

Sorry it's been a while since I've been on here. Things have been busy around here. Sorry to hear about your AF. I know that it will work next round. Have you spoken to your doc? What will be the next step for you guys?

DH and I met with our specialist yeaterday and she went through what went wrong with our first attempt at the IUI. She re confirmed that I had in fact been pregnant (I hate it when people say that it wasn't a real pregnancy because it was so early on!)Anyway, she said that my eggs are great and DH's sperm is good so it probably didn't work out because even though I was on Clomid, I ovulated on day 21 and she thinks that is too late. So our next step is Letrozole(Femara) for 5 days and then back to back IUIs again. Now I just have to wait for AF to come. It I don't get it before June 30th I have to go in for random b/w and u/s so see where I am in my cycle and then they'll probably give me something to force on AF. More than anything I want AF to come ASAP so we can get the ball rolling again. I'm scared to take the meds to force on AF because the last time I took them I developed 2 very large cysts and they were painful, and I had to cancel my cycle. I'm not sure if it was because of the meds or it was ust coincidence, either way, I'm a bit nervous. If AF came on it's own then it would make things so much easier.
Of course there's always hope that we'll do it on our own this month, but I doubt that will happen.

I asked my doc about OPK's and she said that it's totally possible that I would get positive results every day because I have PCOS. Apparently if you have PCOS then LH is usually high that's why it registers on the OPK. Either way we've been BDing every other day just in case!

Let me know what's going on with you. You should be taking your meds now if you got your AF and well on your way into your second round.

Baby dust!!! I know it's going to happen for us soon!!! :-)


susan4988 - June 17

hello! was beginning to wonder about you. glad all is well. especially glad to hear the good news from your dr. at least she has a plan of attack!! hopefully this will be your month!! i am guessin she is hoping the femera will mature your eggs faster so you ovulate sooner? sounds logical right?

as far as me, i am currently on another round of clomid. i am taking 150mg this month to start with. i go for an f/s on june 25, which is CD 16. seems kind of late to me, but i am not the dr, so we'll see. last month i had f/s done on CD14 and the egg i did have was only an 8. i can't be 100% sure, but i think i O'd around day 15-16 so maybe my f/s this month isn't late. provided the f/s goes well and i have a good mature egg, i will have an iui done on the morning of the 26th. i plan on using opk's everyday, once i am done with the clomid, just so i can keep track. and if i see a surge before friday, i can call dr office and see what they want to do. i suspect dh and i will just have to bd, doubt i will make it for an iui if i O sooner than expected, cuz i won't be able to get the time off of work. so hopefully everything works out ok. time will tell . . . .

i have also found out since we last talked, that my soon-to-be sister-in-law, is due january 30. she and my brother are getting married july 10; provided they can get everything booked they need too.

yesterday my brother and i went and finally ordered the headstone for my dad's lot at the cemetery. he passed away last september and because of the weather and my brother not being here to help pick it out, we just got it done. feels good to know there will be something there soon. the monument place we got it from is going to try and have it up by sept 13, which is the day dad died.

other than that, not too much going on here. just work. take care and chat with you soon. have a great day!


chorona - June 17

Hello there,
You are exaclty right. The reason my doc wants me on Letrozole is because she thinks that I will respond better by ovulating sooner. On Clomid I ovulated on cd21 which she feels is too late. Apparently the Letrozole is better than Clomid on many levels. Plus my clinic doesn't give anything higher than 100mg of Clomid. If it doesn't work on that they move on to something else. Which I think is great because the less time wasted on something that won't work for me, the better.

Doing a scan on cd16 does sound a bit late to me also. My clinic start monitoring on cd10 and every other day or daily depending on the progress. But like you said, the dr knows best, and if you usually ovulate later on in the cycle then it makes sense.

That's exciting that your brother will be getting married. Maybe it'll keep your mind off of conceiving and you never know, it may happen on it's own. :-)
It's also nice that you'll finally get the head stone for your dad's grave. It's one less thing weighing you down and may provide some closure as well.

Keep on smiling, and know that a baby will come your way soon!


susan4988 - June 19

hello there! just thought i'd drop a quick line. not much going on. playing the waiting game now. waiting to ovulate. i started poas for opk's today. at least (i hope)it will tell me when i am getting ready to O. hoping that i don't O until next weekend. i finished the clomid yesterday, so we'll see. i am scheduled for a f/s on friday, and iui on saturday if f/s goes well. told hubby we had to bd everyother day this week, and he wanted to know if i was trying to kill him! LOL!! he's to funny!! well guess i will run for now. take care and chat soon.


pretty_child32 - June 25

Hi my name is ceci I'm new to the forums. Um I was wondering if you or any body has heard of something similar to what I'm about to write. I have a normal cycle of 26 days long. Never a day sooner or later. I assume I ovulate on my own since I have a regular cycle. For over 3 years I have used opk and either always had a lighter test line that never gave a positive result, and a couple of times had a same color dark line as the the control but it lasted for 3 days and one month 4. I have concieved twice but lost the pregnancies at 6 weeks. I started 50 mg of clomid cd 3 on June 8 to cd7. On cd 8 I had alot of cm I started the opk's cd9 I worked double shifts for the last month so didn't have time to get them sooner. Any ways the test line still hasn't became dark enough so maybe I o'd on cd 8 which is still early bacause I'm not suppose to normally ov until cd 12 now I'm on cd 21 and nothing. I'm doing this on my own with no doctor. There's a reason I wish a doctor would work with me but insurance doesn't cover it at all. So I just looking for some opinions for learning purposes but not to diagnose


chorona - July 5

Hi pretty_child32,
I'm not really sure what to make of your situation. Have you spoken to a regular GP about your situation? OPKs are not always the best indicators of when you are ovulating. They work with some women and not others. I used them and got a positive result every other day. I have PCOS so that's why as LH is usually high is you have PCOS. Another tid bit of information that I wasn't aware of until recently, just because you have regular periods it doesn't mean that you ovulate regularly. I have a colleague that has been TTC for 4 years now and she gets her af regularly but needs meds to ovulate. Sorry that this is isn't much help. Keep us posted on your progress.

Susan, how are you doing? Where are you in your cycle? It's been so long since I posted. There hasn't been much going on. I went to the clinic last week to do a random u/s and b/w to see where I was in my cycle and it looks like I will be getting af in the next 10 days. I have started spotting so I'm hoping it will come this week so that I can start the femara. DH and I booked a trip to Las Vegas with soem friends of ours for the end of this month. I'll be celebrating my 32nd birthday there and hopefully I'll be in my 2ww at that time as well. Let's hope that the Femara kicks in a lot quicker than the Clomid and I can have the IUI before we go.

Let me know how you're doing!!

Baby dust!!


chorona - July 13

Well, AF came this past Saturday and I'm now on cd4 and starting taking Femara last night. I go back to the clinic on Monday to start monitoring the follies. Hopefully they will grown quickly so we can do another set of IUIs before the end of the month.

Susan, where are you?

Baby dust!!!


pretty_child32 - July 13

I finished my 2nd round of clomid 3 days ago. I'm suppose to ov within the next 5 days so I just have to wait and see. I finally have a health insurance that will allow me to be seen by a specialist, so hopefully I do not get denied. Any ways I'm going to take a hpt on cd22 so I'll let ya know what happens. ?


susan4988 - July 13

hello miss chorona! sorry i have been MIA for so long. things have been really crazy. not even sure where to begin. not sure what i last told you . . .

based on my last post i guess i was waiting for ovulation. i am not really sure if or when i did, but here's what took place. i went on june 25 for my f/s. dr h was not able to locate my ovaries. although i don't think she really looked that hard. so, based on signs and symptoms, she decided to give me HCG trigger shot so that they could do IUI on the 26th. so i had the iui done that morning of the 26th. my 2ww was up on july 10. i started AF on july 9. today (CD5) i am starting a 3rd round of clomid at 150mg per day. i go on the 21st (CD13) for my mid-cycle f/s. then perhaps IUI on the 22nd.

i have also asked my obgyn dr office to set me up with a referral to a different clinic. my husband and i feel like the dr we have been going to has went from being very positive to very negative in a very short period of time. so, not sure where that will lead. hoping to get in with a bigger clinic where they do research on a regular basis in infertility issues. hopefully i will hear something soon on that. i have also found a lab that is closer to home that can do my follicle scans. so that should help too.

when i started AF on friday i had a lot of pain with it. i was doubled over my left side hurt so bad friday night. had it not been my brothers wedding weekend (he got married on the 10th) i probably would have went to the er, but i toughed it out till yesterday when i got into my dr's PA. she ran a bunch of tests and ordered an u/s for today, but so far everything has come back normal, including the u/s. so not sure what was causing all the pain. as AF lightened up, so did the pain. today it is completely gone which is good!

so now i am back to the waiting game for ovulation. last month i didn't have very good luck with the home opk's. going to try a different brand this month and see if i have better luck. think i will start testing the first part of next week and go from there.

how have been things going for you? any luck yet? sounds like we are almost exactly in the same place in our cycles. i am on CD 5 and you CD4. so maybe we will have IUI's at the same time and be in the 2ww together.

take care and chat soon. i'll try not to be MIA for so long this time!



chorona - July 19

Hey Susan,

How are things coming along with you? You should be on cd11. Have you gone in for an u/s and b/w to see what's going on with your follies?

Today is cd10 for me. I took 5mg letrozole cd3-7. I went in for my u/s and b/w today and it looks like things are progressing quite nicely. They found 2 follies on my right 15mm and 13.5mm and 1 follie on my left 16mm. I have to go in every day now for monitoring. This looks like we'll be doing the IUI this week!! I'm so excited and I have a very good feeling about this one. With clomid my cycle dragged on and by the time I ovulated the eggs had been sitting there for 2 weeks, which is why I think the pregnancy didn't stick. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the one!

Updte me on what's going on with you!!!!



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