Fertomid 50mg
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MERCY3 - December 4

Hi I'm new here and I've trying for a baby since 2010 with no luck until my Doc prescrip Fertomid for which I'll start taking on days 07 to 11.is my chances of being prag high or lo


Noliah - December 4

Hi Mercy3

I used Fertomid and fell pregnant almost immediately. My princess is 8 months old now.


Yollie - June 21

Hi all :) my first time here.... Ok here is my thing right was on the pill for 10 years nordette. So me and dh is trying ttc so I went for test it came back that I have some symptoms of spoc but I don't have it. Very confusing and frustrating agggg any way so I have been givin provera right for 7 day 3 x a day. And after that I need to take fertomid right ok so ... Did some research on all these pills. Ooooo wait the other pill I am taking is eltroxin due to my thyriod so yip all can be wrong with me right. So where was i o ja so now I have taken the provera and 3 days later got the af but now the big question for some reason my cycle is only 4 days and my gyni told me to take fertomid 50 on day 5 to 9. But my cycle is already done is this a good or bad thing please if someone can let me know. I will be taking my fist cycle tomorrow 22june 2013. Would love to know. Thanks


voly - June 27

hi am 36 im a mom of 2 , im trying to conceive again i just had D&C procedure done last month on the 29 may and today is 27 i just started taking fertomid 100mg on 5-9 on my cycle praying to god i fall pregnant, how do i improve my chances of gettting pregnant ? should i or not drink alchool during treatment?


voly - June 27

wow congrats Noliah how did u take ur treatment? wish days of ur cycle?


mamakhe - September 5

I have been trying with my hubby but no luck so we went to the Docter and now they said im evaluating does that mean my chances are high,and if yes should i continue using fertomid till i get preg or should i stop using them but im going to see ma dr next week thursday.PLEASE HELP


mamakhe - September 13

Hi Voly what i know is that when you are busy trying to conceive or taking the fertomid you do not take it with anything else so please do not drink that might lower your chances.And my chances are high now the fertomid is working but ma problem is that ma tubes are blocked and they thinking of doing an operation im so scared yho


voly - November 12

we finally pregnant 4 months now thanks to sum chinese herbs better than the clomids and fertomid and very fast


nomvula - November 21

Hi ladies, its so encouraging to see that I am not alone in this. I also love the success stories. i started taking Fertomide in April this year and fell pregnant in May. unfortunately i had an ectopic. now i'm back on the pill and i'm bleeding terribly. I take my pill on the first day of my period. wonder why all the different time frames. good luck to all of us!!!!!


mamakhe - November 23

Hey Voly what herbs didi u use[ yhoo Im so stressed out now i hav gave up on everything coz i hv been trying for so long and my only option is operation which i do nt want to risr it so please Voly help out here*sad face*


Lyn0801 - November 30

Hi I'm 26years, with no child :(, I have used clomid for 2 cycles and my progesterone was very high, unfortunately I got my period this months, only difference was I bled for two days and on the 3rd day no bleeding on the 4th day it was just brown blood and that was it, 5days after my period I have menstrual/pregnancy symptoms, what could this mean? #desperate to fall pregnant


queen m - March 22

Hy guys I've use fertomid for the fist tym after having 3 misc I'm happy 2 say God has been so good tht my HPT is now positive I had one circle of 50mg earl feb 2014 can't wait 2 see my gyn monday


tanvic - May 31

i always had irregular period n tried for a bby frm 2007 . in oct 2010 a gynea pres provera and fertomid 50mg. took them in oct and in dec on my 5th day to 9th day. on 28 december i tested n i was preg. i m proud mum of a 3yr old bby nw. and i went on a pill then injection then pill again during that 3yrs. nw i stopped everything in jan coz i want anothr bby n the periods have nt come bec. i m planning to go bec to the provera n fertomid. hope i will b sharing gud news with u ol
l soon.


nicolene - July 11

Hello I just whant to know if I can buy the fertomid or must I go to a docter and does it work


deenas - October 3

I personally recommend you buy it at Validonlinepharmacy.com without a rX it's called Clomid not fertomid though but it's all the same.


Apollana - December 5

I would check out the ebook at Pregnancytechniques.com it's a lot safer than buying counterfeit clomid online also you could get cysts from it.



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