Fertility program
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Allison - September 13

Can you recommend a fertiltiy program for me?


Greta - September 15

I think you should contact a hospital in your area and get some references. Usually they'll have some info in the OB/ GYN unit. Good luck!


Lorna - September 16

I would recommend ovulation induction. This program involves taking medication that helps you to ovulate.


Theresa - September 16

I would try interauterine insemination (IUI). This program worked wonders when my partner and I were trying desperately to conceive.


Gia - September 20

Hi! I believe that you should go to your gyn. and ask him for a referral to a fertility specialist. Make sure its a reputable one. I cant recommend a program for you because everyones needs are different. There are a lot of factors involved in this. One type of treatment might not work for one person but it might be very successful for another, So talk to a specialist and you'll be on your way. Good Luck!



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