Endometriosis and trying to conceive 2nd pregnancy
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Megan P - April 3

I'm trying to have a second baby. My first was conceived randomly (ONE time of unprotected sex that happened to be exactly the right time) and I thought it was a miracle since I have mild endometriosis. Had a surgery in May 06 for removal of endometriois adhesions and scar tissue. Now, I'm trying deliberately to have a second child and am having trouble and wondering if it's going to be a challenge. I saw some statistics saying that for endo patients it's a 7% chance each month??? Is this true?? I'd love to believe that I can acheive a pregnancy as easily as I did without trying if I acutally try..... anyone else out there with endo and kids?


melliemel - April 3

Megan P, I do not have children yet but I am also trying (and have endo). This disease differs so much from person to person but there are many women on the "lupron and endometriosis" thread who have conceived over the time writing on this forum. I am currently using the ovulation kits (I just did a surgery and a round of lupron). I would say that since you have conceived in the past, that is a good sign (how long ago was that and were you diagnosed yet?). And to make things in a nicer perspective, I saw a statistic that said all couples have only a 10% chance of conceiving each month....So 7% doesn't sound so bad compared to that.


Blakey - April 3

Megan- I have moderate endo, and have been seeking help to get pregnant with ,my RE (fertility specialist, reproductive endocrinologist) for 3+ yrs now. I have done 4 cycles of IUI, and 3 cycles of IVF, and still no baby! :( I am trying for #1
I will say though, I have friends who have endo, and both conceived on their own...so you can beat the odds/statistics. I think it depends on your age, and how long you have been ttc your 2nd- Meaning, if your older (37+) don't waste too much time..you make want to look into finding an RE, and having some tests done, etc..to ck your levels, and maybe persue ART treatments to help you achieve pregnancy, if that falls into a plan for you. GL!


peacesarah - July 12

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