Do you still ovulate if you don't have regular periods ?
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NICOLA - November 19

I seem to go weeks, sometimes months between periods. When i come on they last between 2 days and 7 days. I have recently come off the pill and still haven't had a period yet. Do you still ovulate if you don't have regular periods ?


m - November 19

Yes, you do. A period is the result of ovulation. When I got pregnant with my first son, I had been off of the pill for probably 3 months, and had only had ONE period that whole time, so yes, most definitely. And by the way, it was a normal healthy pregnancy. Not to worry! Good luck.


ab - November 20

yes, my periods were the same way...i could have gone a month late or up to a week early...and it took a while but yes i got pregnant.( a while meaning 4 years)


estee - November 21

did you know that irregular cycles can be improved with proper diet / nurtition and reduction of stress? try it, it might help...


Kay - November 30

My ovulation day was day 26-27. Would it be posible to conceive? My cycles have been irregular. With ovulation that late wouldn't my cycles be around 50 days? How viablewould the egg be?


helpful - December 1

I don't really know if this is going to be helpful to you or not but I used soya lecithin to help regulate my ovulation and a by-product was pregnancy. This can be found in the vitamin section of any drugstore or health food store.


m - December 1

Kay, I think the egg would be fine. It sounds like you had a 40 day cycle rather than 50. That doesn't mean the egg is in there for 40 days. Ovulation occurs about 2 weeks BEFORE your period, so it's still that 14 day process of ovulation, then period. I'm not sure what happens those other 26-27 days, though. I am very irregular when I'm off of the pill, so I know how frustrating it is. Good luck!


dd - December 8

i have been on the depo shot for like 1and a half year and i dont have any period and i wanted to know if i have unprotected sex could i get pregnant still.if someone could awnser my question email me at [email protected]


Aleena - December 22

i want to ask that last days of cycle r less fertile so with irregular period the all last days r still less fertile or at that time no eggs r produced?


Nicola - January 13

I just want you guys to know ! YES YOU CAN......I have just answered my own question ! I AM NOW 8 WKS PREGNANT ! THANKS Nicola x x x


well done - January 13

congrats to u looks like this yr is lucky 4 u!!! Well done and good luck xx



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