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Confused - November 25

Hello everyone. My husband and I are TTC, this is actually month four of trying. Anyway, last month I was two weeks late (normally around a 29 day cycle). I am not quite sure when I would be most fertile this month, since my period was sooooo late last month. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
By the way the first day of this cycle was on 11/9.


Lara - November 25

I would highly recommend using an ovulation test. They seem expensive at the store, but you can also buy them online eg Ebay. This will help you know exactly when your best chances are of conceiving. It will also help you to understand your cycle and give medical personnel important information. As a general rule, whether your cycle is long or short, your period should start 14 days after ovulation. If not, then you can officially say you are late.

Hope this helps.

Keep the faith.



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