Clomid success story - it does work!
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gette - March 17

Hi ladies, I am 27 yrs old and have been trying to get pregnant for the past year and a half. I have a 7 yr old daughter and wasn't trying to get pregnant then :) but now that i am trying its a bit frustrating. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 16 so my dr thinks what maybe why I'm not getting pregnant. I just finished taking round 2 of clomid 50 mg 3-7. The first time i did not have any side effects but this time i was plagued with bad headaches. Did anyone else experience this side effect?


stork2010 - March 18

wantbaby - good luck with your third round...did you do all three rounds in three months? I am on my first cycle of clomid and have not gotten any side effects yet. Optimistic - thanks for the follie info. I will be praying for size rather than quantity : ) So did you only get an hcg trigger when the doc was happy with the follicle size? I am a bit confused as to when I am supposed to get the shot. And how long did you continue to take metformin after you got pregnant? Oh and what is your little miracle baby's name? Thank you so much for your comments, it's SOOOO great to communicate with someone who knows EXACTLY what I am going through.


Optimistic101 - March 18

gette-Headaches were one of my side effects that I had...they were horrible!! Stork-When my body responded to Clomid I always had a mature follie. So when I would go in for my u/s on CD 15 that is when I would get my trigger shot. My instructions for Bding were the 2 days before CD15, the day of the shot, then I was told to skip a day. Alot of women trying to have sex like crazy thinking that will increase their chances, but in all honesty it lowers them because too much bding can lower dh's sperm count. My DH also played a large roll...the month we would try he would not drink caffeine, beer, he wouldn't put the laptop on on his lap and he also took a multi vitamin...we wanted all of our bases covered! Oh and my baby's name is Kalina Joan (Ka-leen-a, Joann) Kalina is my maiden name, and Joan is my dh's grandma who passed away. My dad passed away when I was 19 so naming her the name my dad gave us in my little tribute to him :) Do you have any names picked out?


stork2010 - March 18

Hi Optimistic - I am home sick today...started getting a crappy cold the first day I took clomid. So I could be having side effects from the clomid but I am not noticing because I am dealing with my cold instead. It will all work out! My doc is telling us to bd on cd 15-18 but I might try your schedule instead. I have heard of skipping a day and also trying before cd15. Oh I loooooove your daughter's name its beautiful! And what a tribute to your family. We have tons of names swirling around our heads but the ones that stick out to us are Evelyn Joy and Jackson Kenneth (maybe we will use both : ) Is she walking around yet? I LOVE that age - they start trying to say things and communicate so much more. I have two nephews and two nieces and enjoyed them so much at that age. The boys are 6 now and the girls are 4. I am the youngest of 3 girls and the only one without a child....pressure! Do you get to stay home with Kalina during the day?


Optimistic101 - March 18

Stork-I hope you feel better soon!! I love those names you have picked out! My SIL just had their 2nd daughter and they named her Emmalynn. I just love having nieces and nephews. My husband has 3 siblings (all about 14 months a part lol) and how things have been going we have added a new baby to the family since 2006...there will be another on the way in October! And to answer your question, Kali actually started walking at 8.5 months. I have an inhome daycare so I do get to stay home with her all day...since she is around older kids I think that is why she is doing things so fast. What do you do? Also, do you have a facebook? I am friends with a few ladies who I met on here. If you have time look me up "Ashlee Kalina Olson"


stork2010 - March 18

Optimistic - or Ashlee : ) I just looked you up on facebook and requested you as a friend, my name is Wendy. Oh Kali is so adorable. She looks like a very happy little girl! Yes Im sure she learned lots of things from the kids you babysit. 81/2 months is early!! I am a private accountant for a real estate firm - sounds exciting I know! Aren't nieces and nephews the best? So great all the young kids you have in your family, they will have a great time growing up together. Maybe you will be the next couple to add a baby in 2011! Looking forward to chatting with you on facebook.


piper-1984 - April 10

Hey Stork, Just checking to see how you are getting on? How is the clomid going for you? Have been keeping my fingers crossed for you


stork2010 - April 11

Hi Piper! Thanks for checking up on me. : ) Well my first round of clomid went well - for the most part no side effects and the u/s showed an 18mm follie. But it just wasn't our month. I had a bfn on Friday and then just got my period today. So I will be starting round 2 of clomid this thursday. I am very happy to know my body responds to clomid - just really frustrated it didn't work the first time for me. But I am doing my best to keep a positive attiude! How are your girls?


chorona - April 12

Hi ladies,
I'm so happy to hear some positive experiences on Clomid. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 (I'm now 31) and have been TTC for 5 months now. It's not that long but because I have PCOS and rarely get my af, my doctor referred me to a fertility specialist. I had to be put on Prometrium to get my af and that was about about a week ago. I got my af this past Friday went in for monitoring yesterday on my cd3 and was supposed to start on 100mg of clomid to ovulate. Well, my estrogen levels decided not to cooperate because I have to go back to the clinic tomorrow (cd5) and hopefully all levels will be good. I'm dying to start this Clomid asap. Once I ovulate my husband and I will be doing an IUI. Our doctor is very confident that we will be pregnant in the next 3 months. I am so hopeful and reading all of your sotries, it makes me feel a bit more relaxed. I feel the same as all you ladies....everywhere I look there are pregnant women. At my work there are 2 expecting and my sister in law just annonced her pregnancy. It gets very depressing when we're trying so hard without any luck.
Good luck to all of you and if anyone has any words of advice I would greatly appreciate it. Our families don't know that we are going through treatment so this is my way to vent and talk about it.
Baby dust to us all!!!


+Patientlywaiting+ - April 13

chorona, I too was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago I'm 24 now and have been ttc for 2 years now my OB has me on 150mg of clomid this will be my 4th cycle of clomid but first with the 150mg...I know what you mean with everywhere you look someone is pregnant my sister inlaw and sister both announced there pregnancy in the same week. I am happy for them both but so upset inside. This month I also start on 1500mg of metformin (it's supposed to help the egg become mature) I am going to keep my fingers crossed and send you all lots of baby dust! The best of luck to us all!!!!!


chorona - April 13

PatientlyWaiting, thank you so much for your encouragement. It does help a lot. Are you not ovulating with the lower dosage of clomid? What are the plans once you have a good follicle? IUI or intercourse? My husband has borderline normal count, motility, and morphology but our doctor wants us to do an IUI to up our chances. I hope that this round works for you. I hear it can take as much as 6 rounds with Clomid. I'm sending you tons of baby dust!!!!Today is CD5 and I went to the clinic to do blood work and an ultrasound to see if I can start the clomid. I now have 1 cyst on each of my ovaries so I can't start the clomid as it will make them grow. Basically this cycle is cancelled until the cysts go away. I will be going back in 2 weeks for a random cd3 check up to see if the cysts have gone down (should take about 3 wks). I just want to be able to go on Clomid and do the IUI but I can't even get to that because of these cysts!!'s so frustrating! My husband and I will be going to Europe in a month, so I don't think we'll be starting a cycle before we go because we won't have time to complete it. In a way it's good that we're going away, it will give me time to relax and keep my mind off of this for a bit.


+Patientlywaiting+ - April 13

chorona; We are doing intercourse but if the rounds of clomid aren't enough they want us to do IUI with the shots. I am ovulating now *thank goodness* my OB just wants to keep it that husband has a great count and mobility its me who has the underlying issues...I really hope it does work this month its so stressful and the 2 week wait kills us every month... I am on CD2 so far and start my clomid on CD 5-9. I am sending bunches of baby dust your way and keeping everything crossed for the both of us! I'll keep you informed !!


adrienneolivas - April 13

Hi gurls hope all is well with y'all..I have pcos and have been trying to concieve for four years I'm only 20 but my husband is a high school sweet heart..I'm interested in clomid but kinda scared even though I want a baby so bad it stresses me out soooo much I'm currently on provera and metformin for my pcos I have no insurance and idk how much everything will cost but I'm sure its all worth it


adrienneolivas - April 13

I ovulate but its rare for me to release an egg I just need some encouragement to keep me going..


+Patientlywaiting+ - April 14

adrienneolivas: Clomid doesn't cost much I know @ wal-mart it is $24 and don't be worried about taking the clomid I mean the worst side effect I had was hot flashes half the night I froze my husband out of bed lol but you could be different everybody is and try not to stress that is the number one thing I've been told and I tell others as well PCOS is what I call a "curse" because for 3 years now I have had to be on all different kinds of medicine I felt like a robot I mean was on meds to start my period and on meds to help with the insulin and to ovulate everything my body should be doing on its own. I now don't have to be on provera anymore bc I have lost 65lbs and my body has began to start my period on its own. I wish you the best of luck and all of us lots of baby dust!!!!!!! Keep your head up girl!


adrienneolivas - April 14

Thanx for your support its hard to talk to ppl because none of them lnow how I feel everyone I know has at least two kids kinda frustrating I'm going to make a dr. Appmnt soon and I am praying for the best yea I need to lose weight but easier said than done..hopefully I get preggo soon I'm so ready to b a mom...



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