Clomid question
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september9momma - August 25

hi, I am new here, find this site after searching for a few days and everyone seems very knowledgeable and nice. Basically I am 27, the mother of 2 beautiful little boys, one will be 4 and the other2 they share the same birthday on September 9th, we have been trying to conceive again for a year and half now...we want them close in age and my husband is ready to be done!! anyways last month I went ahead and ordered u/p clomid, and my question is really regarding that, the pic on the site was this white round pill and the ones I got are not, they are brown and on the back it says clofi-50--has anyone else taken something that looked like that, I am afraid to take it if its not the right stuff.. the only reason why I havent been to the doctor regarding this is because we cant afford insurance on us right now--the kids are covered --and my husband is self-employed as a mortgage broker and they want like 900 a month to cover all of us--unreal..anyways I just wanted to see if that was a legit clomid? Please let me know


punkin01 - August 26

just got mine filled today and its a little round white pill


ladycori - August 26

Mine are white too. I would do some more research before you take it.


mrspaj - September 11

clofi is clomiphene which is a generic version of clomid....i'm not sure what they're supposed to look like so i'd recommend going to the library and getting a PDR (physicians desk reference) which shows every pill so you can double check what your received...or call the Dr's office and say you're considering generic versions of clomid and ask if they know what they're supposed to look like versus the white clomid...a phone call shouldn't cost anything for insurance. but please, definitely don't take it without checking that it's what it says it is!


Chimerasai - September 11

you can also call a pharmacy to ask what they look like. keep in mind, your pills might not be from the US. not sure if they pill looks different when manufactured in other countries.


MamaAlex - September 10

I also received one like that. Is it manufactured in India by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd? I also curious to know if any of the members here have used this brand. Mine is 50m and it's written CLOFI-50. I ordered online from a site that has a discount code CLO4MULT. Would be nice to know who has received order from the same site.



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