Clomid- BFN and period is a week late.
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ROBYN - December 19

Thanks Boo I promise I will post as soon as I know. Its at 945 am I am off work tonite I was able to be out sick leave so I will actually be up like a normal person tomorrow LOL


ROBYN - December 20

Hey girls ONE BABY and ONE STRONG HEARTBEAT. We are so excited my husband got all teary. It looked so cool. The RE came in and said so how many do we think we are having i said 1 and everyone else said twins. So they started the u/s and within a second he goes nope just one, theres the yolk sac and theres the little heartbeat. It is so so tiny. So we go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound and the RE said if everything looks good then we will be transferring back to my OB which he told me to make an appt for 3 weeks from now so I go to the RE on the 3rd of Jan for another u/s and then the 11th of Jan to the OB for another U/S. I am also excited he gave me a note that said I cant work anymore than 40hrs a week so no more mandatory overtime and callout thats a big stress relief for me. Anyway going to rest I will check in later.


Boo b do - December 20

Hi Robyn, how fantastic is that!! I am so happy for you. You must be so happy. I can't wait till I am in the same position. AND to top it off, you don't have to work so hard now either. :-) Catch up with you later, well done. <hugz>


ROBYN - December 22

Just checking on everyone to see how you all are doing. Amy whats going on how are you feeling. Boo same to you.Check in when you girls can.


leahb5 - December 24

CONGRATS ROBYN everything sounds so good!! i cant wait!!! how are you feeling? any sickness? boo- i did have the spotting checked and at first they thought my prog. was a little low but turns out it really isnt but they put me on prog suppositories just for support. then one month i went to my ob with same spotting and he said my cervix was irritated so he cauterized it and it was fine (that was 2mo ago) now i'm getting the spotting again , and i'm on prog, so who knows i'm so sick of guessing. tomorrow is 12dpo so who knows...i'm still praying for a miracle!!! amy how is everything with you??? good luck to all!!


ROBYN - December 24

Hi Leah - well maybe the spotting this time is implantation since your 12dpo its too early for Af. But its about the right time for implantation. who knows that would be awesome. As for sickness I am VERY VERY tired constantly, started getting really bad lower back pain today. Constantly hungry. I am trying to eat as healthy as possible I do have my moments but I absolutely cannot eat sweets they make me sick which is awesome. Anyway will check in later take care and my fingers are crossed for you.


leahb5 - December 27

hello girls hope everyone had happy holidays! well af showed up today, so i called for them to send out the meds. and i get my first u/s friday morning at 7:30...the clinic i go to is an hour away but they are the best. i am just hoping so much that this works!!! i'm nervous about the shots. how did they make you feel robyn, did you get bloated and gain any weight? i've heard its common. (yuck) how is everything going with you? i have heard after the first tri they tiredness sorta gets better(i hope) amy how is everything for you?? i know you are supposed to test anyday now??? write in whenever you get a sec!!! boo- hows your month going? has the pain gone away completely? did they do an u/s to make sure it was gone? how many cd are you? hope all is well with everyone !! good luck to all


ROBYN - December 27

Hi Leah good luck with the u/s. Are you doing just injectibles? IUI with injectible Clomid with injectible? Sorry I dont remember. Honestly they arent that bad. My hubby did all the mixing of the meds it was too hard for me LOL I would do Lupron on one side of my stomach and the other injection on the other. But really since its not intramuscular its just a tiny pinch and a little itch after. Now if you go intramuscular thats a whole other story LOL. My butt cheeks can vouch for that. I am feeling ok. Just totally exhausted my sister is 10 weeks along and she said oh its gonna get worse just you wait and see and I am starting to believe her. Anyway post with the u/s results. Hey Boo whats up and Amy where the heck are you. Take care everyone.


leahb5 - December 29

hi robyn.. i'm doing inject/iui for the first time ever. had first baseline u/s and they said everything looked great 5 foll on left and 8 on right. i start tonight with meds and go back tue morning to see how they are developing. i'm excited. hope all is well with everyone! i'll let you know how it goes.


ROBYN - December 29

Hi Leah sounds like great news why dont you come join TTC in December Through Friendship and Support - Part 3
These girls are absolutely wonderful I have been talking with most of them for 9 months. Several of them have or going thru IUI and they might be able to help you if you have any questions. BOO - if youre out there and Amy come over to this thread these girls are like family and welcome everyone. Anyway my u/s is next wednesday so excited. Keep me posted <<HUGS>>


tonyaandjoe - December 29

hi i am new to this thread and am just wondering has anyone in here gotten pregnant from just clomid.


ROBYN - December 29

Tonyaandjoe - Unfortunately Clomid did not work for us. We did Clomid with hcg trigger shot for 4 months. We went straight to IVF and it worked our 1st cycle I just got my BFP a couple of weeks ago.


babemom - June 24

Hi Boo b do, how is your program doing? I read your posts and it is interesting how clomid will work on some people and not on others. I happen to have the same reaction like you. It delayed my period which was usually 24 day cycle to 40 day cycle.



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