Clomid and miscarriage
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abi_77 - January 16

Hi everybody, I am trying to find how many of you ladies got pregnant on clomid and then went on to miscarry? I have been reading the posts and there seems to be awful lot of clomid pregnancies that ended up in m/c. Same thing happened to me on my 1st cycle on 50 mg of clomid.


mother2Bsoon - January 17

Hi Abi - on my first round of 50 mg of clomid I miscarried naturally. Got pregnant soon after that but it was a blighted ovum (didn't take clomid the second time). I am now 17 weeks pregnant and didn't use anything. God blessed my womb after the d&c to conceive naturally with out any medication aide. It seems like everything was made new after the d&c. I hope this helps and many baby blessings to you!!!


SaintRose83 - January 17

i miscarried 2 times on clomid, but i also miscarried 2 other times while not on clomid. sometimes if you have an existing problem, clomid won't help. that was in my case, hope thats not yours. also, clomid can thin your lining. that might be what happened depending on how early it was, if that is the case, they can give you meds to help, or you can do injectables. or maybe it was just a one time thing. i would keep trying, if it happens again, i would push for testing. good luck.


abi_77 - January 17

Thank you for the info. I have m/c twice. First one was blighted ovum (no clomid). Second one was on clomid baby died at 10 wks (trisomy 21). I got all testing done, so far no positive test results in anything. My RE told me I was unlucky and I should try on my own. I have PCOS, but I ovulate on my own every month. I am still considering clomid and IUI next month. First time around on clomid my follicles did not grow more than 11mm and I decided to skip the HCG shot and try next month but unfortunately got pregnant without the HCG trigger. When my RE did ultrasound this month on cd5, I had one follicle that measured 13mm. I am worried that my egg quality is poor and I am 30 yrs old. And one more thing I smoke (4-6 cigs a day). I am having a hard time quiting smoking. I have been smoking for the last 6-7 yrs. I am really worried the smoking has decreased my egg quality. Any thoughts on my situation. Do u ladies think I should take clomid next month?


Bionic_Chipmunk - January 17

I really wish I could offer you something about your situation. What I am reading is all new to me and quite frankly, sounds alien to me. My doctor has never told me about this HCG trigger or follicle measurement. Could someone explain that to me? All I was told by my doctor was here's the Clomid, we'll try that for six months. Nothing else. I too have had a blighted ovum (no Clomid) and I think I may have had a miscarriage last week. Still haven't had that confirmed or not. Without having a positive HPT, the doctors here can't be sure. I totally hear you about the quitting smoking. I've been trying to cut back myself!! Anything to improve my chances of conceiving (and I guess improve my health!! LOL). I have even started working out again since I had read that regular exercise actually decreases fibroid development. I don't know if that is true or not but, it's worth a shot!! As far as smoking decreasing the egg quality, I'm not sure. I asked one of the nurses I work with and she has said that she knows that it increases the chances of miscarriage. I would take the Clomid. As I said, anything to improve your chances of conceiving!! Keep us posted!! Take care.


abi_77 - January 17

Dear Bionic thanks for sharing. With first clomid cycle I took 50mg 3-7 days. My doctor monitored the follicle growth with U/S on day 14 and 16. My follicles never got bigger than 11mm. My doctor wanted to give me HCG trigger shot to let the follicle release the egg. The follicle had to be at least 18 mm to get the trigger shot. Since my follicles never grew beyond 11 mm I decided not to take the trigger shot. But I ended up ovulating naturally and got pregnant that cycle. What I know from my own research is that the follicle size is related to the quality of the egg. If the ovulated egg is of inferior quality there might be problem with the fetus, like it happened to me. I hope this clarifies some confusion. I am not positive about the relation between follicle size and egg quality, but an OB on one of the internet sites told me so.


Bionic_Chipmunk - January 18

Thanks abi_77 for the explanation. As I said, my doctor hasn't explained anything like this to at all. I haven't had to have an ultrasound done since being prescribed the Clomid nor has his office contacted me for a follow-up appointment if I don't conceive with the Clomid in the next month or two. I don't know if you would agree with this but, I am finding that the more that I research on the internet and the more people that I ask about fertility, the more discouraging information I am finding or hearing. Which is definately not very conducive to maintaining a positive attitude when trying to conceive. You know what I mean? This is why I enjoy coming to this site because everyone here completely understands the trials and tribulations of this experience. Just one other question though. What is the HCG trigger shot? What does that do? Thanks again for clarifying some of my confusion. Take care.


jbslost - January 18

i had no trouble getting pregant on accident but then i lost the baby, whats wrong with me?


abi_77 - January 18

Hi Bionic, the reason HCG trigger shot is given is to trigger the follicle to release the egg. Once the follicle is big enough to have developed a mature egg, the nurse will give you HCG injection to help you ovulate. 35 hours after you take the injection you have to have sex or artificial insemination to get pregnant. So, before getting the HCG injection you doctor will ask you to determine which time would be best for you to have sex (if you are not doing AI) and based on that time you will get the injection 35 hours before. By the way I almost had a panic attack this morning thinking about the pregnancy and how my smoking will affect it. I decided to cut down on the cigs from 5-6 to 3-4 for now. Let's see how that goes.


abi_77 - January 18

jbslost, it's hard to say if you had a problem that caused the mc. Usually there is no reason for mc. It could have been due to hormonal imbalance (which can be fixed with meds when you get pregnant again), chromosomal anomalies (which is very common 60% of all miscarriage, you cannot do anything about it), other causes. If you end up with another mc you should see a reproductive endocronologist and get all the necessary testing done. You should also get the fetus tested for chromosomal anomalies. But let's hope that doesn't happen. Good luck and tons of baby dust to you.


Emma5151 - February 2

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Gooberholic - October 12

I have been on/off Clomid for over 5 years. I started back in 2010 and in August 2013 had a confirmed pregnancy which I lost at 5 weeks. I then didn't continue Clomid and got pregnant 3 months after my MC. After my son was born I tried off/on for 6 month to get pregnant again before I started Clomid again, I just had a confirmed pregnancy and would have been almost 7 weeks pregnant and had a MC over the weekend. I am not positive its because of the Clomid but because of the timing of the MC's and the usage of Clomid I believe they are related. I'm going to try again without the Clomid and see what happens.


tootsy - May 24

hi abi 77 i have same problem PCOS with long cycle, my follicles are not responding well with clomid i have been taking 100mg and the biggest follicle i got was 16mm. Doctor said that i should atleast have 18mm to have good result, to cut story short clomid is not for me so Dr change my meds to puregon he said it is better because it work directly in the ovaries i started this cycle and hoping for a good size follicle next week..


MELISSAgg - January 16

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MilanaK - April 25

I'm so sorry about your mc. My situation is a bit different, I can't help much... But I had 3 MCs. I don't have any children. My husband and I are ttc for 9 years already. I had 3 MCs during this period. All of them ended around 8 weeks. Now I'm lost. I don't want to get pregnant again. I don't want to live through MC again. I'm 38 and I just want to stop this infertility struggle and losses. Everyone around is getting pregnant, gave birth, talk about their kids… They LIVE and enjoy life. And I’m just watching all these… Don’t get me wrong! I’m happy for them. But I’m tired of trying and failing. I’m tired to hope and then lose everything in a moment. I think 9 years are enough for us. I decided to turn to surrogacy. I think it will be better for our family. I hope so... Anyway wish all of you best of luck!



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