Clomid & Weight Gain (10lb in cd1-14)
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Lissa_ - June 20

Hi, I am on cd14 of my first round of clomid having taken clomid cd2-6. I do cardio work at the gym for an hour every day and eat three bowls of oat cereal, 2 slices wholemeal toast, a fish or chicken salad, and several pieces of fruit each day. I am not in pain. Yet I have gained a whopping 10pound in weight in the last two weeks!!!! Anybody know why? Any ideas how to stop it / counteract it? I really would appreciate some advice! Thanks.


Tink - June 21

sounds like maybe you have been overstimulated? do you have PCOS? i haven't heard of folks overstimming from clomid, but i suppose it is possible. overstimulation is when your body responds almost too well to the drugs and produces way too many follicles/eggs. are you being monitored via ultrasound while on clomid? If not, you should be. how else will they know if you are producing follicles? if they do an u/s, they can tell you how many follicles you have- most cycles on clomid will have 1-6 or so- wtih maybe 2-3 being mature eggs on average. but if someone overstimulates- they could produce like 20-40 eggs, which is painful and dangerous and can cause weight gain from all those extra follicles in there. but agian, i don't know that i have heard of it happening from clomid- it usually only happens to people doing IVF that are on high doses of injectable drugs. i would check with your RE if you are really concerned, it could just be extra water weight and bloating too. i gained a good 15 lbs over hte year i was on fertility drugs from the constant bloating each month.


caribangell - June 22

Hi Lissa, I too gained 10lbs from clomid and I'm very active. I do cardio and I walk like theres no tomorrow five times a week, however I still gained 10lbs. what worked for me is cutting oatmeal out of my diet for one week along with carbs, fruits, and salt, just for one week. eat all the salad and meat of your choice prepared any way you like all day long as much as your heart desires. but you must flush your system out with at least two liters of water every day. just for one week. I bet you lose 5lbs or more to start. Its something i learned in school, you trick your body into speeding up your metabolism. give it a try and Let me know.I had a friend continue with this diet for four months and lost 45lbs. I wouldn't recommend it and I tried to stop her but she did and now for summer she is sporting off her size six in a bikini.I would say to have a balanced meal everytime and not look for easy weight off, remember your body needs the nutrients to have that baby good luck and baby dust to ya!!! P.S my friens was not trying to have a baby she just wanted to lose weight.


Lissa_ - June 22

Hi caribangell - thanks ever so much for your reply, its nice to know there's others out there who've had similar problems. I shall be trying this from tomorrow! Thanks!!!


Tink - June 22

btw- i didn't worry too much about the weight gain while i was TTC. i mean, you will gain weight if you get pregnant, so don't worry about it too much. it is completely normal to gain some weight while doing fertility drugs and treatments, whether it is clomid or injectables. your body is working harder and working differently and changing due to hormones, so things will change, including weight. not to mention you are going to bloat from producing more eggs. and really there isn't much to do for that. you need to drink tons and tosn of water. i wouldn't recommend any severe crash dieting, just eat smart and healthy, which sounds like you are. it sounds like you are exercising and eating right already, so i wouldn't change a thing. just accept this is part of the TTC process when you take fertility drugs sometimes. our bodies all react differently and your body is doing what it needs to do, so don't fight it with extreme measures. you don't want to mess up your chances of TTC by crash dietingm especially in the 2WW..... you won't get to diet if you are pregnant, so get used to the weight gain for now. you can worry about losing it later on. i gained a good 15lbs-20lbs from the year i was on fertility drugs and just got used to it- now i am pregnant and becoming a cow. that is how it is supposed to be. ;) good luck


Lissa_ - June 22

LOL :-) Congratulations on becoming a 'cow'! ;-) Thanks for your message. I actually rarely drink water - just decaff coffee and nettle tea! Could you explain why drinking lots of water is necessary or a good thing please? Thanks :-) **hugs, prayers & happy pg wishes to you and your unborn baby**


Tink - June 22

drinking water is just good in general. I have actually heard of some RE's telling patients (both the female and the male) to cut out caffeine too (it can affect sperm count even)- so all that coffee and tea, if you drink a lot can sometimes not be good. water is just a better choice in general. drinking more water can actually help with yoru cervical fluid, which in turn can help get those swimmers to where they need to go! Drinking HEAPS of water (your body needs something to make the mucus out of). Even if this doesn't increase EWCM it will probably make you more "moist" which is useful when you can't use lubes (KY etc kill sperm- only use pre-seed as a lube if you must use one).


hopefulljules - July 7

Lissa I know this won't help much, but I was told aslo to drink lots of water, when dieting before, and when talking to my ob, but they have those little packets of crystal lite that you can put in your water that are peach tea flavored. Just an idea!


MrsIke - July 8

Lissa although im not on fertility drugs yet, I just wanted to tell you about drinking water. Recommended amount of water a day is 64 ounces/or 1 gallon. Your body is made up mostly with water, 75% of brain, 80% of blood and 70% of muscle. It helps carry out waste/toxins, helps dissolve minerals/vitamins that we take alot ttc, with many many other benefits, if you dont drink enuf water it slows down metabolism which causes weight gain!!! Your body loses approx 10 cups a day. Through sweat/waste diposal...hehe I agree w/Tink too, you shouldnt care too much on weight, its not healthy to do those no carb diets. I go to a holistic healing anatomist and she says that doing those type of diets are not good for your body. I wouldnt do the amount of exercising either, which according to my doc is not good in the first trimester especially if youre high risk, meaning you have a history of m/c and i think imo that i wouldnt do much more than walking if im spending all kinds of $$ on fertility treatments, but thats my own opinion, and walking is underestimated, its actually better than running with less stress on the body. So, before i bore you that is my advice of the day....:O) take it in stride and consult your doctor that your weight gain is of concern and what they recommend, but as Tink said drinking water is of good general health, and I would cut out the caffeine. Much baby dust and gl.


Readyfor#3 - July 8

I had to take clomid to get pregnant this time around. I am currently 11 weeks. I too gained 10 pounds during the the time I was taking clomid. I got pregnant with just one baby, so I don't believe I had overstimulation. I think anytime extrahoromes are put into your body, you will respond to it. Mine just happens to be weight gain, so was yours. I even gain weight if I go on the birth control pill because of the hormones in it. Try not to worry, I'm sure that these 10 extra pounds will be all wroth it if you get pregnant with a little baby with the help of clomid. Good luck.


tonyaandjoe - July 8

ready for #3, did you have a tubal reversal and had to take clomidor was it something else ? just wanting to know if you donm't mind me asking.


MrsIke - July 8

I too had tubal reversal, what problems did you gals run into after it. I had two m/c. Has anyone heard of hormorne allergies? specifically progesterone.


Ammymickens - April 29

Weight gain is a possible side effect but is does not happen to most women. It is more likely that you will get a better response to Clomid if your thyroid is under control. Discuss more here


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