Appt with infertility doc
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joanna - December 15

has anyone been to an infertility doctor? i was just wondering what they do on your first appt?


Pinkywantsbaby - December 21

Hi Joanna, On my first day with my Fertility Specialist here in Germany. He just did a consultation. Which he speaks to you about your history and what needs to be done. first visit to a fertility specialist will be different, depending on what kind of tests their primary doctor has already performed.expect to answer a health and family history questionnaire, discuss their monthly cycle and have a physical exam, possibly with a pelvic ultrasound."That first visit is primarily an information-gathering session" Depending on the diagnosis, either surgery to correct a problem or oral fertility drugs are the first attempts to help the couple achieve pregnancy. If that doesn't work, more powerful, injectable fertility drugs are sometimes tried, followed by artificial insemination and finally in vitro fertilization.



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