2 miscarriages in 2 months!!
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m - October 20

I have 2 sons, age 6 and 1 1/2. In trying for a 3rd, we had a miscarriage on Sept. 11, then another 2 days ago (Oct. 18). Did I get pregnant too close together, or could my 2nd pregnancy have messed with my system? Anyone ever experienced this?


eyebeeablessing2u - October 20

I recently was married on july 16 and was prety sure we have conceived every month since, today even I have been sick for like 2 hours.. bad heart burn and could puke at anytime if I had to.. LOL, ovulated this thursday so Hoping and praying all things are a go as I type this, hey it can happen... I know a women in our church who conceived twins the month after she miscarried and every thing was fine. Hope all goes well, if you are concerned speak to your doctor, I am in Ontario and have been using the Tele health service instead of wasting my time in a doctors office waiting to speak to him about something so trivial. All the best...


E - October 20

My doctor told me that women who concieve the month following a miscarriage are more likely to miscarry again than women who wait one full cycle. I would wait 2 full cycles b/c I think your body needs time to heal. I had 2 misses in 8 months and a succesful 3rd pregnancy 3 months later. Best wishes!


m - October 20

looks like 3rd time was a charm for you. congrats!! I am so angry, sad, etc. right now that I don't think I want to try again. However, if we decide to, I will take your advice a wait a couple (or 3) cycles first. I wish I would have done that last time. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. Thanks.


E - October 24

Good luck M. It is so devastating which is why it helps to wait a bit so if you get knocked down again, it may be easier to handle. Also, it gives your hormones time to level out which can improve how you emotionally deal with loss. Again, I wish you success. Your odds are good. I did not believe people when they told me the same but I am a believer now. I have talked with so many women who have miscarried and it seems more common and normal than I ever knew.


Mary - October 25

I would wait few months especially more if you have rh factor problems (you are negative blood type and your husband is positive). Give your body time to rest and your heart time to heal. Best wishes.


m - October 25

Mary, very interesting about the blood types. Does having a neg vs. pos play a negative role in conception? I'd like to know more. I've never heard about this. Thanks!


E - October 25

A link about Rh Factor --- http://pregnancy.about.com/


jac - November 22

i've had 2 in 2 months, my doc said i may need progesterone or hcg shots, i only have one ovary and tube so he seems to think i don't produce enough hormones, hope this helps



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