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Neha5 - August 22

Hi All
I am 3 and i am trying to conceive for the last 6 months. I had one abortion 2 years back. I am trying desperately . However my doctor says that i have high sugar and hence need to cut down on many food stuff before i decide to get pregnant.
I do not know how to handle this. I am extremely tensed.
Has anyone else also face this problem?
Pls help with your answers and let me know how can i increase my chances of having a baby in my life?


dazzyshahu - August 25


i read your post and i can really understand your state of mind. To be true i never faced any such types of problem. I get pregnant for the first time after having unprotective sex. But i read that after having an abortion you are not allowed to do sex till 6 months. If your gynea says that your sugar level is high then you must go with your sugar treatment. Everything will be well. not to worry at all. Good luck!


Anjlina - September 18

Hey naha, I read your post and came to know about your abortion, feel so sorry for you sweetie. As you write that you are diagnosed with high sugar then you have to avoid sugary things like ice cream, chocolate, brownie etc and a junk food too as these are not good during ttc. Cut down the sweet stuff from your diet and see the result. hope it will work for you...


priyaangel2587 - September 21

Hi Neha, I hope you are doing well. I feel so sorry to know about your problem my dear friend and I hope you will find good solution for it. It is a good thing that you are saying your problem with us and I hope you will find good advice on this forum. I can really understand your problem because I also faced the issue of infertility when I was trying to conceive. Luckily I go to treatment solution with IVF and now I am living happy and beautiful life. I will suggest you know to lose hope and happiness because treatment solution for your problem is available and you can get help with natural treatment, herbal treatment and medical treatment solution. I know that you are trying to conceive for last 6 months but it can take time for some couples because it always depends on your current physical and health condition. You are a sugar patient and I will suggest you find good treatment solution for your sugar problem. It is very important to be healthy and active if you want to increase the chances of pregnancy. I will suggest you find any health expert who can provide good treatment for your high sugar problem. If you want to get help with the natural method, I will suggest you follow any good nutrition plan that can help to get rid of the problem of high sugar. You should also at regular exercise and yoga in your routine because it will help your body to prepare for pregnancy. I hope it will work for you and you will find happiness to become a mother soon. Best of luck for your beautiful future my dear.


Lejla - September 24

Hi! I am very sorry that you had an abortion. You must go on and think about yourself. First of all think about your health. High sugar may be a diffucult problem but if you discover and treat that properly it shouldn't be a big issue. You must watch for your diet. Talk to your docto. He can give you a diet plan. Just be disciplined and stick with diet. Wish you good luck.


snjeza1 - September 24

Yes, it can be a problem to conceive if you have high sugar. It's not something that you cannot control. You have to be on special diet. Avoid food that have a big sugar content. Seek for advice your doctor. They all have lists of food you should avoid. It want be easy but is for a bigger cause. Good luck to you.


janajana1 - September 24

Hi dear Neha. I am sorry to hear about your abortion. It's sad when that happens. About your problem with sugar level, you can deal with that. Today there are everywhere available lists of products. What you can or cannot eat. Sometimes wiil be difficult to be disciplined. I believe you will succeed. Be persistent, take good care.


susy123 - September 24

It's hard when you have abortion. You must try to live your life and to think about often. Stress have a big influence on blood sugar. Avoid stress and try to relax as more as possible. Find a good healthy diet that fits you. If you want to increase the chance for pregnancy you must be persistant. Stick to diet. I believe the results will come soon.


zawadipet - September 25

Dear, Nela.
Thank you for sharing your predicament. Whatever you are facing is a situation that faces many women all over the world. The best you should do is to go to a fertility clinic and have the problem sorted. You will get well-qualified experts who will give you the best way forward.
My elder sister had an abortion three years ago. When she conceived, she faced a lot of vaginal bleeding. She later had a pre-term birth, and of course, the baby had a little birth weight. Unfortunately, the kid died moments after being born. For her, she never had diabetes. We took her to a fertility clinic, and now she is expecting her baby early next month.
Women who happen to go through a miscarriage or abortion have the likelihood of facing complications in their future pregnancies. However, when one goes through more than one abortion or more miscarriages, then they stand the chance of having the risk of problematic pregnancies in future. You have only highlighted about the high sugar levels. There are other complications that you probably may be experiencing. I kindly request you to go to a fertility clinic near you to have your problem handled by professionals. You need not worry at all. All will be well.


emma spencer - September 26

I am 44 and not proud of my past. Because due to large substance abuse I suffered a lot. It made my life living hell. It Caused thin endometrial lining. Almost stopped my wheel of life. Treatments like Estrogen therapy, clinical trials, exercise and natural herbs and supplements didn’t work. Process was torturing enough to drag me down. I bravely took all the treatments. I blame myself for this condition. But now I feel tired. Thinking to leave my husband. He deserves a new and fresh start. He was supportive and standing by my side all this time. I don’t know how I am going to face his separation. But now time has come to take some decision and look for other options. i hope something worked out for everyone of us.


lily james - October 11

There are so many options that you can consider. Adaption and surrogacy. I mean anyone with prolonged infertility issues will consider that. Especially if you can afford it.



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