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joeecan - October 12

Hello my dear friends, I am in need of few pieces of advice. I hope you people will definitely help me regarding my issues. I was a patient of ovarian cancer. I never knew I would be suffering from such a fatal disease at such a young age. My husband and I love babies. Unfortunately, we cannot have babies. Both of my ovaries are removed. Not only this, my uterus has been also affected because of this disease. Literally, I used to cry because I totally lost hope unsure if I would even survive or not. I really feel blessed now, as I have recovered. What makes me feel bad is that I cannot experience motherhood ever now. My doctor told me about surrogacy. I talked to my husband about this. He agreed but we are confused about how we will be able to find a surrogate mother. Do we need to find surrogate mother through a clinic or ourselves? Which is the better choice? Please tell me the details regarding my question. Thank you.


erika joe - October 12

The situation in un-deniable you simply cant ignore. Due to excessive substance abuse me and my husband are infertile. We have quit everything long ago. Even after getting rehabs and ton of other treatments reproduction system Is already affected. Frustration is increasing in both of us. Sometimes I have to stop myself on going that path again. Having a kid is necessity now to complete a family we are dreaming ever since. The idea of surrogacy was chilling for a while. But as per our tedious situation we have to make a decision. In Chicago surrogacy clinics are very expensive. I don’t think so they are under our budget. I am also looking forward to obtaining some information about an economical one. I found one in Chicago as well but it was overcrowded and safety conditions were neglected. It is just a beginning of my long search I know it is going to be hard. Eventually will have to take a righteous decision. But any kind of information or advice in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Isida - October 14

Hello, dear. I'm really glad that you recovered! You are very strong woman and Im sure you will have a great life full of kids. Regarding your question I have some tips to help you. I know that it is much better to find the reproduction center, which will do everything for you. It is not safe to look for the surrogate on your own. Professional doctors know what they should pay attention to. Choosing the surrogate is the most important part of the surrogacy.
As a rule, all reproduction centers have a huge database of surrogates. So, they all meet all the necessary requirements. You won’t be afraid that the surrogate is not healthy or that she is doing something wrong. She will always stay under the doctors’ control. Doctors will always make a lot of tests and you will be shown the results. In this way you will be sure that your baby is fine. You will be allowed to visit your surrogate, by the way.
Also, you will sign an agreement with the reproduction center. That’s why you will need a lawyer. It will protect you and your future baby. In this case your surrogate won’t be able to keep the baby.
Start from the examination at the reproduction center. Find out if your eggs are still fine or not. If they are still valid it’s great. You can easily use the surrogacy. If they are not, don’t worry. You can follow my sister’s example. Egg donation helps women, which can’t produce eggs for some reasons. My sister is a happy mother of an amazing boy now.
Whatever you choose I’m very proud of you. I want you to keep trying and I’m sure you will fulfill your dream. I wish you good luck. I wish all women could be as strong as you are, my dear.


adney - October 16

Hi Erika Joe, I have recovered from ovarian cancer. I am also looking for some surrogacy clinic. I asked many people about it. Mostly people have suggested me surrogacy clinic in Ukraine. People told me that it is economical as compared to other clinics. Not only this, their success rate is also high than other clinics. I think you should also contact that clinic for further details. I wish you best of luck.


adney - October 16

Hi Erika Joe, I am suffering from heart valve disease. I am also looking for some surrogacy clinic. I asked many people about it. Mostly people have suggested me surrogacy clinic in Ukraine. People told me that it is economical as compared to other clinics. Not only this, their success rate is also high than other clinics. I think you should also contact that clinic for further details. I wish you best of luck.


Jasmine.Flower - October 17

Hi dear. Hope you are enjoying good health. I am very happy for you to know that finally you have come out of your difficult situation and your treatment has been successful. This might be a great relief for and I hope it does so. The good thing about such forums is that you get to express your feelings here if someone is shy to tell it to other people and release their stress by posting here. You will definitely get a good advice here as a lot of caring and loving women come here. I also joined this forum to share my feeling and emotions here because I am suffering from a heart disease. This fatal disease does not allow me to become mother because if I do so I will out my and the babies life at stake. And this is the least of the things that I don’t want to do. I and my husband also love children a lot. My husband was also really upset as he wanted to have babies with me. It was a nightmare for me and I felt very shy facing my husband and other family members. Then I realized that it is not my fault and should give a try to make things right. So I had my treatment started and it is still going. I have a second option to have my baby, in case my treatment still does not work. I know about a clinic in Ukraine that offers surrogacy. My colleague told me about that as she had undergone surrogacy from that clinic. She told me that you don’t have to do anything besides just go for your checkup and pay the fee. The rest of it will be taken care by them. Go to their website and you can get many other details. Much love. ?


Jasmine.Flower - October 17

Hey Erika. I can understand your feelings very well. I can feel how eager you and your partner are to have a baby and complete your family. First of all you need to relax and be close to each other. You need to encourage each other in such harsh conditions. I also know how it feels when you cannot have your own children because I am also facing the same problem. My friend has also opted for the surrogacy process. She knows about a clinic in Ukraine. She is going to make a visit to the clinic very soon. I am also waiting her to come back so I can have her proper advice about the clinic. I will also tell you when she comes back. Until then stay positive and relaxed. Take care. ?


Jasmine.Flower - October 17

Hi Isida. I am really glad to find your post and to read it. How properly you have explained things about surrogacy. I am really impressed. I also want to go for surrogacy and had some information about it. Your post gave me the rest of the important information I was looking for. You are doing hell of a great job. I hope many other women facing infertility can find your post and get this information. Keep posting such great content. Stay blessed girl. ?


pronatali2003 - December 20

My close friend has a similar problem. For many years I tried to be treated. I took a lot of medicine. There were no positive results. From grief began to drink alcohol. But at one point she had a dream about a child. She changed a lot. Stopped drinking, took up a healthy lifestyle. We read a lot of information about surrogate mothers. Many people recommend the Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom - Center for Reproductive Medicine. I read about this clinic, and I liked it. There are doctors, translators and psychologists. Therefore, in communication there are no problems. I liked that the arrival and accommodation are included in the payment. The clinic has a large base of surrogate mothers. All of them are healthy and pass many tests. I also liked that there you can undergo a course of infertility treatment. There is a chance that a girlfriend may have a child. Doctors are very attentive and positive. The equipment is modern and uses new developments. On the wall I saw hundreds of photos of parents and children.
This is so positive. Most likely, we will go to this clinic. I looked at the price, and I was pleased with the prices. If someone has found out about the Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom, write reviews. I will be happy to read everything. I think that we are on the right track. A lot still needs to be experienced and done. The main thing is that as a result there will be a wonderful baby. My girlfriend does not imagine another life. She set a goal and confidently goes to her. I will always support her. It's good that there are such organizations. They give people hope and happiness.


Loris 1701 - January 17

Hey. I'm very sorry for your condition. Well, it's all about your will. What you want is all that matters. Surrogate motherhood is really a good option. To do this, you need to be rich. Surrogate motherhood is an expensive option. It is true that IVF and IUI procedures do not come with a 100% guarantee. However, with regard to surrogate motherhood, it has the highest success rates compared to any other infertility treatment. You can also go for adoption. You have to remember one thing, that surrogate motherhood also can not give you 100% success.
If you really want to be sure, then go for adoption. Adoption is good. It can help you soon become parents. Try to have your husband agree with you. This will be your last chance. We need to decide on this.


mnoquegrace - January 26

you are fed up with all the empty promises and expensive treatments, that haven't reduce the risk of misscarrages and other complications.after years of trying to conceive and a failed IVF and a failed FET Dr chale is the answer to your problem, i have given birth to twins with his herbs. whatsapp him only +14422433334


Diana2018 - February 2

Hi joeecan,
First, let me start by saying that I am really sorry because of what happened to you. It is painful to lose your ovaries to cancer. It is also frustrating to learn that you will never give birth. What it implies is that you must prepare yourself to die childless. The good news is that this is no longer the case in this time and era. IVF, IUI, and surrogacy are all designed to help ladies who find themselves in the same predicament. So, my dear, I think you will be wasting your time if you continue crying instead of looking for a solution. I am glad that you already have some ideas about surrogacy. This is the only route that will guarantee you a baby and ensure that you don’t die childless. However, care must be taken to avoid falling into a trap. I know of plenty of women who worked hard to ensure that the surrogate mother got all that she needed when she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the lady disappeared a few days before the delivery date. Up to now, nothing has been heard about her whereabouts. So you should tread carefully if you choose to go the surrogacy way. Now I would recommend that you approach a clinic so that they link you to a surrogate mother. The two of you will sign a binding contract, and this reduces mischief. Also, she will be observed by the experts from the clinic, a thing that increases the chances of giving birth to a healthy child. Resist any temptation to use the shortcut if you don’t want to lose your money and time to a fraudster.


wellspringivf - May 10

Hello joeecan
Sorry to hear that, and I really appreciated you are really strong to face everything that happen to you. For your health condition, surrogacy is the only appropriate option for you. Surrogacy is of two types traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy woman gets inseminated with the father's sperm. Gestational Surrogacy means where woman carries and delivers baby to the intended couple. Visit nearest fertility centre where they provide surrogacy services too.


hailbrown - August 29

Hey! I hope you're good. I think I'll be able to help out here. I had my uterus removed due to cancerous polyps. It happened years ago. I'd always wanted a family. However, I wasn't able to conceive because of this. I came to be so depressed. I then got acquainted with surrogacy. I looked up a clinic and just went for it. It's turned my life around. I think you should too go for it. Take my advice. Good luck!


jenn123 - August 29

Hello! I trust you're great. I think I'll have the capacity to assist here. I had my uterus expelled because of destructive polyps. It happened years back. I'd constantly wanted a family. Be that as it may, I couldn't conceive along these lines. I came to be so discouraged. I at that point got to know about surrogacy. I looked into a facility and just let it all out. It's turned my life around. I figure you ought to too put it all on the line. Accept my recommendation. Good fortunes!



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