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Bleon - July 26

Hi, this is my first time writing in a forum of this kind. I didn't even knew forums like this existed until recently.

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for what would be a year already. At the beginning it wasn't that much of a problem. "This things take time." That was what we told each other but as the time began to pass we became a little more and more anxious about it. Well I say we but in true maybe it was only me who was anxious. I never seen him get stressed about it but maybe he was just hiding it I don't really know. When we began trying I was really looking forward to the idea of starting a family, I knew it would be hard at the beginning but I really wanted us to have a child. But right now I can't help but think if my wish will ever come true.

After the first six months I consider talking with my husband about going to a specialist and see if there was a problem with any of us. But never talked with him as many concerns were inside my head. Maybe I was overreacting? Maybe we just needed more time to have baby? Those questions plagued my mind. I didn't knew if this concerns were common, I talked with my mom about this. Asked her if she ever had any of this though when she was trying to conceive me or my brothers.She told me she never had felt worried, that it was normal for it to take its time and I should take it easy. As you can imagine her confidence only make me feel worse, so I seeked other opinions so asked my friends and aunts. The answer was the same as my mom and so I decided to wait and keep trying along with my husband.

Now it had been a year, and my husband suggest it.We schedule a visit and we are now awaiting for my result. I need to ask, in all honestly, how worried should I be?



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