IVF really works! (some advice)
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Julia756 - October 11

Hello, forum visitors!
I have read lots of IVF discussions on the Internet on different forums. As I noticed most of the women are afraid of it. They understand that only this procedure can make them happy mothers. But they hesitate and worry so much! Let me share my story. I turned to IVF 2 years ago, when I was 42. Now I am a happy mother of a completely healthy child. I am so glad that, because my husband and I can have a full family. This decision was very difficult. But we knew, that we wouldn't give up in any case. We chose a clinic and turn to it. First we talk to the doctors. We needed some more information, so doctors answered all our questions. After that we decided to work with these specialists. They said that they need to run some tests first. All the tests are completely safe and unpainful. They are needed to make sure that there are no health problems. Then the process was started. We were so worried about the answer from the doctors. When we came to clinic, we learnt that I was pregnant. We are so happy now. Our dream came true. So, dear ladies, if you want to turn to IVF, don't be afraid. It is completely safe. The results are positive in 95%. Of course, the first attempt can be failed, but never give up and be strong. Trust the doctors you are working with. Believe in a success and in yourself. Hope that all of you will be able to become mothers. Everything depends on you, your mood and the level of your preparation for this difficult step in your life. Want to wish you good luck. If you have some questions, just ask me. I will be happy to give you advice.


Lisa07 - October 12

Well, I am only going to become a mother with the help of IVF. I have decided to turn to IVF only a month ago. It was difficult to make this decision. But with the support of my spouse I started to believe that everything will be okay. So I am going to take some tests. It is very interesting for me, how this process is run. So thanks, Julia756, for sharing your story. The information will help me in the future. Hope that I will be able to become a mother. Now we are going to see specialists from one more clinic. I am a bit worried about it. But if it is completely safe, so there is no need to be afraid of it. I hope that the results will be normal. I am ready to try as many times as it is needed. I am 45 and it is the only chance for me to become a mother. So any information about IVF is very useful for me. Hope that I am so lucky as you, Julia756. I know that I should be strong. My relatives help me and support me. So now I don’t hesitate and want to achieve the wanted results. I really want to be a mother. It is my dream to have a full family, so hope I will be able to make my husband the happiest father. IVF is a long and difficult period in my life. I hope that it worth it. I have several questions. First of all, should I take some medicine during the process? what food should I eat or it is not so important? How long will it take to get the results of the tests? How often will I need to see a doctor if I am pregnant? What are possible problems? Please answer my questions. It is very important not only for me, but for the other women. Thanks.


Julia756 - October 12

Oh really? Well, it is really important step in your life. So I know how it is difficult for you. Now you want to do all that you can to achieve your goal. That's why you want to do everything correctly. And it is right. You need to know, that all the information about medicine you can get from the doctors. If you need to take some medicine, specialists will say you about it. If the results of the tests are great, there is no need to turn to pills. Maybe you will need to take some vitamins. The results of the tests you can get within two weeks. You will need to see your doctor, who will tell you whether everything is successful. In this case you will need to take two more tests. After that you may need to take some pills. If the results are confirmed, it means that you are pregnant. If so, your doctors will tell you how often you need to see him/her. It depends on you and your health, results of the tests. If everything is fine, you will see your doctor as often as usual pregnant ladies. Of course, you need to do all the recommendations to avoid problems. You shouldn't drink alcohol, smoke. Take walks every day and don't worry. Good mood is all what you need. Try to eat only healthy food. Child needs lots of vitamins and other components. It is also very important to choose the right clinic. I chose between three different ones. It took some time to make the decision, but I am glad that it was right. Hope that your results will be positive. Good luck, Lisa07! I believe you will be fine. God bless you!


Lisa07 - October 12

Thanks, Julia756!
Your support is so important for me. I can’t help agreeing with you. Choosing the clinic is very serious part of the procedure. I should think a lot about it. I visited one of the clinics two weeks ago. The doctors were good enough, I liked them. The conditions are not bad either. The doctors said that I needed to pass some tests. But I want to visit two or three more clinics. I want to compare them and decide which of them is better. We decided to turn to clinics in different countries. I have heard lots of information about them. People say, that they are pretty good. Their reputation is very high. They are considered to be the best in the world. By the way, Julia756, you say that you got pregnant from the first attempt. It is really great. I know that it depends on doctors and your health. Say, what clinic did you choose? What country did you turn to? Why did you make this decision? Is the clinic really good? Maybe I need to visit it too, but I am not confident. I know that IVF programs are all the same in different clinics, so I am going to pass tests in different clinics. Now I try to collect as much information as I can about different clinics in the world. I want to do all my best to achieve my goal so this period is the most important. So, maybe you can tell me a little about the clinic you turn to? Are the doctors good? And what about the conditions? Was it expensive? Please, tell me a bit more about it.


Julia756 - October 12

No problems! First of all, you need to know, that the clinic I turned to chose my husband. Before that we turned to three more clinics. But you know I didn’t really like them. They are pretty good, the specialists are great. But their prices were pretty high too. At that time we were thinking about two of these three clinics. But them my friend told us one story. His sister had the same problem. This woman turned to a Ukrainian clinic. She became a mother after the first attempt. He said, that she was completely satisfied with everything about this clinic. So my spouse said that we should try to turn to it too. We were thinking about it for some time and decided to try. We came to Ukraine and find the clinic BioTexCom. When were came there, we questioned the doctors about all the information we needed to know. We find out that the clinic not so many years ago. But now it is considered to be one of the best. The percentage of success is very high. So I pass some tests. After that the specialists told me that I the results are very good and we can try to begin the process. I told to my husband. He supported me and said that this clinic much better than three others. You wanted to know whether doctors are good. So I may say that they are true specialists. They are very friendly and always ready to help. The conditions are good enough too. As for the prices, I may say that they are not so high as in the other clinics. IVF is pretty expensive procedure, but some clinics make it even more expensive. I think that you may rut to it and compare to the others. Maybe you will like it more. It will be only your decision. I can only say that the clinic is really great.


Lisa07 - October 12

Oh, thank you so much! I am glad to get your help and advice! You helped me so much. I am sure my husband and I should think about this clinic. You know, I have heard about it. But up to now I wasn’t sure if it is really good. Thanks for the useful information. I think it would help not only me. It will be important for the other women that are looking for a good clinic. I think that we will visit it. I think that it is important to talk to doctors of all the clinics I have chosen. Maybe I really will find out that the clinic you told me about is much better. But maybe not. It is very important for me to know that I will work with the true specialists. I don’t want to turn to a clinic where doctors are not experienced. This may affect the outcome. Mothering is my dream from the young age. I am ready for everything to make it come true. I want everything to be fine. Hope that I will be able to make my spouse happy soon. He wants to be a parent too. I believe that good specialists can help us. I am ready to trust the doctors. But I want to make sure that they really know what they do. I think that it is important for every lady who turns to IVF. Nobody wants to waste money and get no result. So, thank you, Julia756! Hope, your family and you will be happy. God bless you! Wish you good luck and happiness!


Isida - October 14

Hello, dear! Congratulations on your success! That's incredible. You are such a strong woman! I'm proud of you. I met a lot of infertile women and I know how frustrated they are. We all want to have full families with happy husbands and kids. But, unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill our dreams. It is very good that modern medicine invented such services as IVF or surrogacy. They give us a chance to be a normal woman.

My sister faced infertility after 4 miscarriages and several surgeries. We were afraid she would never get a chance to become a mom, but we found the solution. One of the reproduction centers offered her an egg donation and Gestational surrogacy. It means that the surrogate mother carries the embryo developed from a donor egg that has been fertilized by sperm from the intended father. With this method, the child born is genetically related to the intended father. What is important, the surrogate mother has no genetic relation to the baby. In this way her son is genetically related to her husband. He is an amazing boy. We love him so much. I'm his Godmother and I visit him almost every day. He is even more active than other kids.
I got married two years ago. We still don’t have kids. As my sister had so many problems while getting pregnant, I’m afraid I can also go through all those troubles. I know that infertility isn’t necessarily passed genetically from sister to sister. But anyway. I’m a little bit scared. That’s why I started the examination in one of European clinics. I just hope that I will get a positive result soon.
I wish you all the best during your pregnancy, dear. I’m so happy for your family. Your story added some positive emotions to my life.



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