IVF questions
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Julia756 - January 11

Hello, i need some information. And i hope that you can help me. Well, i decided to turn to IVF. I find one clinic, and i think it is pretty good. But i don't know for sure. Maybe somebody have heard about BioTexCom? It is a clinic that is located in Ukraine. Maybe someone has an experience of IVF there? I have some questions about it. Could you please share some information? Do you think the clinic is really good? What do you think about the doctors? And how about the conditions? I would be very happy to know a bit more. I hope that someone can answer these questions.


mnoquegrace - January 26

you are fed up with all the empty promises and expensive treatments, that haven't reduce the risk of misscarrages and other complications.after years of trying to conceive and a failed IVF and a failed FET Dr chale is the answer to your problem, i have given birth to twins with his herbs. whatsapp him only +14422433334


Diana2018 - February 2

Hi dear
I have also had much about the clinic. My sister visited it last year and she successfully delivered a baby girl. She is in praise of the facility because of its professionalism. In fact, she confided in me that she did not expect to get that kind of a service in any other place other that US and Canada. Unfortunately, these two destinations proved to be too expensive for her and so she opted to have it in Ukraine. She got introduced to the facility by a friend and immediately send them the first email. One of the managers at the facility responded to her email and they started talking. The manager requested her to send her details including her fertility history. This was to help determine if she could benefit from the service or not. She was then invited to the facility where she underwent other tests to determine whether she could be admitted in the facility or not. Her Karyotype was found to be ok and she neither had HIV nor hepatitis. Her husband was also required to fly to Kiev to donate sperm, which he did. She was put on drugs to help her ovulate. A few eggs were aspirated from her ovules and stored in special cups in the lab and frozen. One of the egg was fertilized and kept for three days to monitor whether it was growing or not. After four days, it showed signs of growing and it was transferred to her uterus. After two day, she flew back home and I had a chance to speak to her. She was fine but she told me that she did not feel anything at that time. After two week, she went for tests and was confirmed pregnant.



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