is light spotting considered a period?
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ray-of-light - June 11

hubs and i have been trying for almost a year and i'm feeling lucky but i don't want to get too excited yet. i'm getting light spotting. a couple of days tops and on the 3rd day it stopped and here i am again, light spotting. my breasts feel very tender though. my period's irregular so i'm not sure if i should get a pregnancy test done? the last time i had my period was 36 days ago but light spotting is considered a period too right? --------- confused. help is much appreciated. and some tips and tricks to get pregnant pronto is gonna work so well for me now. thanks, everyone


honeymae - June 14

hmmm it's especially hard to figure out someone's period if you're irregular. do you have some way of tracking your period? do you remember when was the last time you had it? also, a preg test wouldn't hurt at this point. looks like u got all the symptoms.


daniella - July 10

spotting is generally harmless and it usually occurs between cycles, so it's basically considered as a period. you have mentioned that you are irregular right? i think you should focus on that issue first.


rizalei - August 10

nope! spotting is not associated with normal period. however, it's pretty normal for you to experience spotting since your period is irregular. it's most likely due to hormonal imbalance.


thea - September 8

there are many reasons why spotting occurs. does your spotting occurs
before, between or after your period? it could be normal but it could also
be a serious health condition. seek medical advice.


isabelle - September 10

depending on the cause of your spotting, it will resolve on it's own. however, you should still see a doctor because some spotting has underlying cause which requires treatment. take care!


jussica - January 26

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