I'm pregnant
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Loise - June 21

Good afternoon, today I’l tell about my experience. I had been conceiving for 4 years and it was something between NTNP and TTC. Finally, I’ve done it. One day, I was basically broken and I’ve attached my teeth and gone forward.
My DH and I’ve been trying to BMS without condoms and no positive result for yrs. I got acquainted with modern technology donation and surrogacy. In my opinion, surrogacy is unhuman thing and it shouldn’t have appeared in countries. In 2013 at age 36 I had IVF made:3f, 2 lived to day 3 – BFN. Okey, I didn’t give up. I didn’t dare long but then I’ve made right selection. In one clinic I’ve chosen donation package which includes guarantees up to two attempts. Firstly, we visited Ukraine and chose desirable donor. Secondly, specialists made all relevant medical examinations and analyzes. And finally long treatment, e.g. screening is the most scare proc I’ve had. The doctor told me that my age exceeds 35 years and it could find out different hereditary diseases. He told me everything depends, half a kilogram and a woman has a risk. The specialists are welcoming and pleasant people so I needn’t worry about my health.
All in all, girls, I’m pregnant! What about you? How is it going? Good luck!


Kydryaviu - June 21

Hi TTC for 5 yrs. 2 IVF. I appealed to some clinics and nothing suits. What was the clinic you were talking about?


Loise - June 21




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