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JaniceGibbs - June 11

i've been on birth control since i was 16. i'm 24 now and want to have a baby with my new husband. is that gonna affect anything? that i've been on the pill for so long? it's only been a couple of months since we've been trying but i just wanted to check.

thanks a lot, janice


sunflower.262 - June 14

been on birth control for so long too! but if you've been trying for only a couple of months, i guess it's kinda too soon to tell. who knows, you might be pregnant this month! give it more time and i'd say talk to your doctor so he can help you prepare for getting pregnant


daniella - June 27

how long have you been off pills? it takes some time for pills to be out of your system since you've been taking it for 8 years so i think it's normal if you won't be able to conceive right away. give it a time.


sheila - July 25

if you're 20 years old and above and trying to get pregnant, give it at least a year. but if you're over 35 years old and it came negative after 6 months of trying, then it's time for you to consult a specialists.


elizabeth - July 28

well from what i have learned, if pregnancy does not occur after a year of trying, couples are diagnosed as having an infertility problem.also age reduces fertility as soon and as early as 30.


Mel - September 11

no it won't affect anything at all.but if you are in doubt, you may visit your doctor to ask for advice.


jussica - January 26

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eva2017 - February 7

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