Gestational surrogacy - Altruistic surrogacy
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mac2151 - January 21

We are in need of a Surrogate mother willing to help voluntarily. We want to go independent. We are searching for a surrogate mother ages between 21-30, with health insurance and a lawyer, previously given birth without medical complications, have a healthy lifestyle - 'Non-smoker or abuse alcohol', be in good physical and mental health, have a source of income, not on any form of state aid. A California or Arkansas resident for US surrogates.
We have been married for more than 10 years, I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis making it difficult for me to conceive even though I had a surgery. I know there are some mothers who would like to help a family achieve their dream and happiness. Thanks in advance for your kindness.


MilanaK - April 25

Hello OP! I'm so sorry about your situation. How are you doing now? Did you find surrogate mother? I'm also in search now. At a very beginning of it actually... I had 3 MCs during past 9 years. The last one was 3 months ago. I’m broken and devastated. I can’t take this anymore. I don’t want to torture myself and my dh again. So the whole situation made me to start thinking about surrogacy. Now I'm collecting information about this procedure. We didn't decide yet if we go independent with it or if we go to some agency or clinic. I hope to see some updates from you. Wish you best of luck!



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