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Stephanie - August 18

Is it possible to become pregnant purposely after having a tubal ligation without having the reveral surgery?


kay - August 22

yes it is possible!! my friend had a baby her 3rd and had a tubal ligation done after she had her. about 3months later she became pregnant and now has another beatiful baby girl! just remeber if it is meant to be it will!!!:)))


Indie - October 5

While it is POSSIBLE it is not LIKELY. They do say after the tubal ligation to use secondary protection like a condom for the first couple of months until it heals fully. It also depends on the type of tl you had. Some older tl's involved a single tying off or stapling of the tubes. Later surgeries involve two ties followed by cutting down the middle between the two ties. The latter is less likely to result in pregnancy because the tubes are completely disconnected.

If you suspect you might be pregnant, go see your doctor!



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