Type 1 diabetic and Hypothyroid
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nikkik - May 2

I am new to this website and am in need of some advice. I have a mild form of Hypothyroidism and am a Type 1 diabetic. I am 24 and 185 weight. I just barely started Synthroid at the end of January. My husband and I have been ttc for a year now and have had no success. My endo says it is because of my diabetes and possibly thyroid as to why I have not had any success. My doctors have told me that they will not test to see if there are any other underlining issues causing the infertility until they think I am under control with my diabetes and thyroid. My thyroid is now at 3.89 (low). So since I have been taking Synthroid, I among many have had significant weight gain and to add to more weight gain I have to take more insulin since I have been on this medication. My endo sneered at the fact I mentioned the natural Armour to try and didn't like that I asked to be on Cytomel for T3. My sister is on Cytomel and feels a whole lot better and I have heard success stories from several people that it makes them feel like they have more energy and their weight is in better control. Ok, so I know that Synthoid is T4 and it is suppose to trigger the T3 to work. But it doesn’t always work. These doctors are so scientific it makes me sick. They look at me like how dare I talk about Armour or Cytomel.

So I am going to my endo today. And I need some help as to what I should tell the doctor. It is so hard to get in as it is to see a doctor. They are so busy! What all should I have tested for infertility?

I have tried so hard to get my A1c under great control, but this Synthroid is making the insulin not work well. How do I win? Is there anyone out there who has been in my same situation? Is there anyone who is diabetic and the Armour works better for their Thyroid?

Depressed and drained. I hate not feeling well and I get hopeless on being able to conceive. =( Where is the baby dust?


Caphybear - July 2

While I am not a diabetic, I do have hypothyroidism. I have been ttc since dec 2008. My thyroid is well under control, staying around 1.5. 3.89 seems to still be high. Here's what I know. Back in march of this year I found out I was pregnant. I went to my endo who tested my thyroid. I also went to my ob and had an ultrasound. We had a heartbeat. Then miscarriage. I had put on a ton of weight by this point and was only at week 8. My tsp was at 3.8 at week 4. My reproductive specialist said it should have never been above 2.5.

Sounds to me like your Synthroid is not high enough to get you where you should be, but not all doctors go by the same numbers. You should do your research online though, it may prove to be helpful. The new most recommended numbers to be between are 0.3 and 3.0. This could be why you feel so drained. I'm also on Synthroid which works for me most of the time. I'm going to research the two medications you've mentioned and talk to my new endo about those. I know this may not be a lot of help. Good luck!


BobbieMarie11 - March 14

I agree. I also have mild hypothyroidism. The RE told me that to conceive a woman's TSH should be below 2. So I would figure out if you can get more Synthroid. Good luck as well!



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