success after blocked fallopian tubes
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Teresao - October 22

I had twice HSG's and I have bilateral fallopian tubes blockage. I wanted to take the safest and best treatment possible and consulted with three different doctors. I knew the surgery can cause more scarring and leads to a higher incidence of ectopic pregnancy. so I decided to try the natural herbal medicine Fuyan pills, and I'm now 12 weeks pregnant, Good luck to all ladies, it's tough but so worth it!


natasha cole - January 24

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Isabel99 - October 14

Hi Teresao! Congrats on getting pregnant. Its amazing to know that medicine worked for you so well. How did you come to know about this medicine? A friend of mine has the similar issue like yours and she isn't ready for other treatments. So I was wondering if you could tell from where this medicine can be bought? I want to know its cost also. Also are any side effects you faced so far? Waiting for your kind help. Bless you!



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