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Trishua - September 13

Hi, My name is Trishua and i am trying to concieve. My ovulation date is today and was wondering how long is our ovulation? This morning i woke up to go to work and i had the egg white stretchy discharge and i was going to wake up my husband to get our grove on but i would be late going to work! So i was wondering if i have sex tonight will i still be ovulating?


KellyN - September 13

I'm not sure how long the ovulation process takes. I'm on clomid, so that has made my ovulation really painful the last couple of months. As near as I can figure, the ovulation process was taking 4 or 5 hours (from time I started hurting until time pain started to go away). But the egg will last about 12 hours, so bd right when you get home!


To KellyN - September 13

Well it might be to late for me unfortunatly because by the time we get together will be way pass over 12°. Is it just a one day thing for ovulation?


KellyN - September 13

I heard it is just a one day thing, but I couldn't swear to that. You could probably find out for sure by doing a google search or something?


ToKellyN - September 13

THanks for the info! Good luck and baby dust to you.


D. - September 15

Ovulation takes place anywhere from 12-48 hours after your surge hits. If you still had EWCM, chances were that you were preparing to ovulate, not that you did ovulate. For most of us (and keep in mind it's not written in stone) the first day that your CM dries up will be the day you ovulate. But many of us have had EWCM on the day we O as well. So, it's really a guess if you are not using OPKs and temping. The egg will live for 12-24 hours from the time it's released but it will start to disintegrate quickly so you want to make sure the boys are there waiting for it when it's out.



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