Provera while pregnant
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Brenda - September 4

I just found out I'm three weeks pregnant I had just started the treatment for fertility since I do not get my period the dr gave me provera but after two weeks I never got my period so she took blood and the next day she told me I was pregnant now I'm worried.


Paula - September 4

First off congratulations. 2nd your doctor supposed to take a pregnancy test before giving any kind of prescription. Provera will not affect your fetus well thats what my doc said also. Right now i think you should just concentrate on your baby now and take good care of yourself. And make sure in the future just let the doc know you want to take a pregnancy test before taking anything. Paula ttc baby#2


Gina - September 24

Brenda, Congrats on the BFP!! I am not trying to scare you, i am just trying to be helpful. I just got done taking provera a few weeks ago and on the PRECAUTIONS section of the print out the pharmacy gave me it says "Due to the risk of fetal harm, this mediaction must not be used during pregnancy (especially during the first four months of pregnanc). If you become pregnant or think you may be pregnant, inform your doctor immediately. This drug passes into breast milk. Though there have been no reports (to date) of problems nursing infants, breast-feeding while using very high doses of this medication is not recommended. Consult your doctor before breast-feeding"
This is from a CVS pharmacy and is exactly what it says. I would talk to your doctor about your concerns and make sure you get to all your u/s check ups ect. I wish you the best of luck and will keep you in my prayers. Please keep me posted. Gina


Mega - September 30

I was recently wondering the same thing & I posted a similar question on the "Problems getting pregnant" thread & someone replied to me that they took Provera when pg with their daughter & it was fine. She was born healthy! Congrats on the BFP, by the way. I took the shot not the pill, & it turns out I'm not pregnant, the shot didn't work in my case because I have a cyst on my ovary, but still everyone told me it shouldn't affect a pregnancy. Did you check with your dr to be safe though? I wish you a very healthy & happy 9 months! Take care!


Toni - October 2

There is an awesome web site called and it will tell you all the drug risks when pregnant. Good luck



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