progesterone not working?
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ysp - March 4

I am trying to start IVF.
I have been given 2 rounds of provera (medroxyprogesterone) to induce

menses but without success for this cycle yet. The doctor had checked me

on ultrasound and noted that I had ovulated on this cycle.

I had taken the 1st round of provera at normal dose of 1 tablet/day for 5

days (10mg/tablet), stopping on 7th Feb. No menses was induced this time

even though this dose of provera worked ok for previous cycles. The doctor

increased my dosage to 2 tablets/day for 10 days, and I had stopped the

provera on 26th Feb. It is now 5th March and I have still not menstruated.

My latest urine pregnancy test was done this morning 5th March, with

negative result. I had done 3 other pregnancy tests for this cycle in

response to the absent menses and all had negative results. I am wondering

what could be wrong and am very concerned about this as the menses needs

to be induced before I can start the IVF process. Please advise


100% baby - May 28

Dear Sir I understand your problem and I can help you with the solutuion in this case. I can assit you finding the way to conceive at any age, regardless of you medical history and sterility and reproductive age, since I have a methodology that helps any woman to get pregnant at any age and from the first attempt at a 100% success. My methodology with IVF is also with the same 100% success result. I know the formula that dictates and which is responsible for conceivement. you can contact me any time should you have any questions. i can also assist you with findin a surrogate mother, would not wish to be in labout yourself, this costs approximately starting at 10 000$- 15 000 and IVF- about 1500$. I'm eager to help anyone seeking for help. I know that Madonna is in need of such help at the moment, I would appreciate you assistance in contacting her.

Respectfully yours Vasiliy Firsov

you can contact me at: (8?)7 095 320 58 50
[email protected]
I nave 2 woman she give you baby adopt in Russia 100% i help you 100%.


Anna - May 28

I know someone who had IVF, she got pregnant with twins on her 2nd round. Good luck to you! I have been trying for baby #2 for 3yrs still not able to concieve been thinkin about clomid though after reading up on it and reading all these success stories. Good luck to all of you.



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