Pcos/ failed clomid,and depression
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Vodkal - August 2

Hi ladies im a newbee, i av pcos was diagnosed in 2010 after TTC for 2 yrs, ad to av my Period brought on as suffer with inregular periods, was put on clomid +metformin for 3 mths to help me O but every blood test came back NEG no O. So was transfered to private infertility clinic in jan this yr, really built my hopes up but for nothing as they refused to c me due to me smoking/being over weight, i should weigh between 8 and 10 st for height but was13st my BMI was completely off the scales at a BIG 35, i feel so down atm dont no which way to turn im workin my butt off to lose weight iv managed 16£ so far, an my BMI is at 32...... its so hard with pcso i just feel so unconfidant,and worthless and feel like maybie its just not ment to be so got app with doc next week for depression (not good ) scared they wont help me at all. Got knocked back so many times gynos and specialists promise me the world and in 5 yrs they'v delicered nothing:( sorry for post bein so long lol. Any1 else goin throu the same !! :) would be gratefull for some advise


eilo - November 21

HiVodkal ,

This is my first time writing on forum, I have bad PCOS and its pulled my heart out. PCOS is a health condition thats not fault. I constantly battle not to feel like failure. I don't know what to say. It totally normal feel unconfident with it. I had bit of melt down early this year and went to 4 conselling session as I did not wish to take aniexty tablets. I'm not saying conselling has fixed everything but it help me cope better. I have tried diets, dieticans, clomid, tracking and now just had IVF egg retrevial but got OHSS due to PCOS so transfer next year. I have lost weight with weight watcher and have put it all back on so many times - but I find them good as I am addicted to sugar. Its constant battle. I found Dr omar in Sims nicest doctor to deal with , they will test youfor everything but very expensive . Some girls lose lots weight when they take metiform. I take very high dose but did not lose any weight, but have friend who it really worked for as it helps egg quality and control sugar levels. I have been to everyone so if you want any advice please ask. I bet your so much stronger than you think. I took clomid for one year with met and did not work but for lots of people it does. I wish I could take PCOS away for everyone, its invisable but so unfair. I put on weight easy coz not very good balancing my sugar levels even tho I know how and I not into exercise. I go through fits and starts at being good and when I am down I just eat and eat. I about to go back weight watcher myself. All I would say keep remember its not your fault, ann bracken in sandyford great consellor, keep on the clomid and know girls it worked for. Try Dr Omar, you will lose the weight, but do it for you as well. Big hug, xxx PCOS friend


Mama-bear - June 25

Honey use it to your advantage and work as hard as you can to get to your goal weight.... Usually they try tamoxifen if clomid fails.... Maybe they think the failure is due to being overweight, but being overweight is also a symptom of pcos!! If I were you I'd take advantage of this kick back and fight...work hard for what you want and good luck!


saurab015 - July 13

I can't even imagine how this was hard for you. It's great you continue to look for options! Please be strong and don't give up. I know exactly how it feels when everyone around is getting pregnant. You want to be happy for them but at the same time you feel angry at the world.Work hard.Good luck


Isabelmason - October 4

Hi. This is Isabel Mason. My age is 40. I am suffering from infertility. Recently, I have recovered from cancer. Doctors have removed my ovaries. They declared me as infertile. My husband is very loving and caring. In spite he loves children, he does not want me to risk my life. I want to get a solution. I am mentally sick. When I had chances to conceive I was never serious. I wish somehow my suffering could be finished. Is there any technique by which I can have a baby? I want to! Plz, somebody help me out.


icanorrugo - October 28

Yeah! It's the right time for you. Work as hard and don't give up! Loose weight as soon and possible as you can because It is really too important for now. There is a possibility that overweighting is being a reason of your failure in the whole procedure, I guess. Well, still, if you're consulting with your doc, stay on it and do whatever it takes...That's all I can suggest ya..:)))


onefiqab - October 28

Well, I've also heard somewhere that overweights effects a lot of infertility matters.I had this neighbor and she was really really overweight. Well, she wasn't able to conceive due to her weight issues. So, doc advised her to lose a lot of weight before getting into it. Well, it took her two years to get out of it. Well, just don't give up and take a hard decision; it will help you a lot. Thnx :)



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