PCOS Clomid 50mg 1st time
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jlane286 - March 8

hopefullysoon- I have to have provera in order to have a period. I have not had a period on my own on over 5 years.


hopefullysoon - March 8

Jlane286 - sorry I'm not trying to be rude, just helpful. I also don't get a period on my own and had to take provera, but what I'm trying to say is after you take provera, then your clomid for that cycle, if clomid did it's job and you ovulated then you will get your period on your own. If it didn't do it's job then you won't and you'll have to take provera again. But if it clomid didn't work, then you would need a higher dosage the following month.

The reason provera makes you get a period is because it's progesterone, after you ovulate your progesterone would naturally increase on your own therefore you won't have to take provera again. The blood test on day 22 of your cycle is to check for increased levels of progesterone and that's how IRS confirmed if the clomid worked and you ovulated.

I'm just trying to help you out because another forum I'm in there is a girl who's dr. Also didn't make her get blood tests, she eventually switched dr.s and found out the 50mg of clomid wasn't making her ovulate ( by confirmation of blood test) so they increased her
dosage to 100mg which then worked for her.

I just don't want you to have to keep taking something that isn't working for you, and if you keep having to take provera then the 50mg possibly isn't doing it's job.

The only reason I'm so pushy about the subject is because you can only take clomid so many times in a life time because it thins the lining of your uterus so I just wNt the months that you do take it to be effective for you.

Sorry I'm just trying to help :(


jlane286 - March 8

hopefullysoon - Im not upset at all in fact thank you so much for the explanation. This is only my 2nd time taking clomid and the reason my dr did not up the dosage of clomid is because I had an odd ov surge right after my last pill and he thinks i may have been ovulating prior to taking provera and by doing so I may have caused it to mess up. He will give me a higher dosage if this cycle does not bring positive results. I will also talk to him to see if we can setup an appointment for the blood test to see is I ov or not. I really don't want to find another Dr because I have been to 2 others and every time they just didnt give a damn about me so I ended up looking again. If however I dont get any results after the 3rd try I will have to look for someone else....I just hate to do so :( But either way thank you for your support I had no idea that I could do a blood test to see get ovulation results..... :)


hopefullysoon - March 8

Jlane286 - I'm glad the info was helpful, and I hope for your sake that the 50mg works for you! Because having to increase the dosage only prolongs this journey, and I'd really like to have some positive news on here soon! Good luck this month!

As for me - I finished my clomid on saturday and I go in for my hsg test tomorrow to flush out my tubes. We'll start ttc on Thursday and I'll also start testing for ov that day as well. I'm just anxious for this cycle to be over because I'm hoping for good news this time since I'm doing the hsg!


DN - March 9

Hi Ladies, well i started my second dose of Fertomid 50mg(genetic of clomid).
My dilemma is that the dr said to me last month that if clomid didn't work 1st time he wants to try for the 2nd but if that does work he would do HSG thing.
I was so frustrated with the Dr's secretary, I called her and informed her about me getting my period so the dr is aware when my day1 started. She forgets to tell him. So i said to her that i need to go on clomid again but not sure of the dosage, if dr is going to increase it or not. So by Monday afternoon they didnt fax me a script so i decided to just go to the pharmacy and get a repeat of the last months dose. when i called the dr rooms again the stupid woman says to me well teh dr is not around so wait for need month of ur cycle to these people its nothing to them. Anyway im not sure if i did the right thing but i couldnt let another month pass me by. so today is the 3rd day of cycle. i will be going for my scan on monday for the dr to check if im ovulating. wish me good luck


hopefullysoon - March 9

DN -That's so fraustrating that the secretary just blew you off and told you to wait until next month becuase the dr. wasn't available to ask. That's horrible! She obviously doesn't understand how agonizing this whole process is! I would have done the same as you and filled the clomid prescription same as last month anyways! Do you know if you ovulated last month on the clomid?

As for me, I just had my HSG test today. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to do. Don't get me wrong it was definitely painful during, it felt like extreme period cramps but the pain was over as soon as the test was over. So I'm hoping for some good results this month! We start ttc tomorrow and we'll also be trying with pre-seed lubricant this month for the first time as well. I probably won't get my positive ovulation test until about monday but we're starting early just in case! I'm really hoping for a positive pregancy test by the end of this cycle! It's my fourth month on clomid.


DN - March 11

Hi Hopefullysoon, thanks for that. Yes last month when the Dr checked me during my fertility period the eggs were quiet visible. Although he wanted it bigger. How am i able to time when i am ovulating. I'm really confused on that part. well i have got a morning appointment on Monday to see Dr.
Also do you take your clomids the same time everyday?
what gets me frustrated is the pressure involved when you know its your ovulation week to constantly be trying.


hopefullysoon - March 12

DN - what I do to time when we should ttc and how I keep track of ovulation is I used the ovulation test strips. You can get them really really cheap at opktests.com. I also pay attention to my mucus. When it becomes clear and the consistency of egg whites is when your supposed to be most fertile. That mucus however can be dried up by the clomid. I found mine has been so this month were using pre-seed lubricant to help the swimmers get to where they need to he since I don't create enough mucus. Another this you can do is chart your basal body temp. After you've ovulated your temp will spike. However you will had had to start trying a couple days prior to your spike in temp but it can at least confirm that you ovulated. I personally rely on the ovulation tests. I find them most effective.

Last month I got a positive ov test on cd16. I'm currently on cd13. So I'm hoping for a positive in the next coulple days, however we already started "trying" last night just to cover our bases lol. So we will keep trying until 2 days after my positive ov test.


dejlightburn1217 - March 15

Morning everyone im back i had a doctors appointment yesterday she had scheduled it before my iui, so i was in the room waiting for about a half hr my mind going crazy because she asked for a urine sample to take a pregnancy test. I kinda knew it would come back negative so when she walked in the room i just broke down before she could say anything. she told me not to get upset just yet because my period really isn't scheduled to come until the 19th she said it could be to early so just wait and see if it will come. This wait has me going crazy ive been cramping alittle bit not to much. my back has been hurting, most of my symptoms i usually get. I dont know what to think at this point. My doc kept just saying to me i need to have hope and faith that she will get me a positive pregnancy test but i think im losing my mind im trying not to stress but thats all i can do at this point. I'm hoping it doesnt come and maybe that pregnancy test was just to early


DN - March 15

Hi dejlightburn1217 just be positive and pray.

I went for my appointment yesterday sat for hours waiting for my turn which took like 3 hours. Anyway the doctor did a scan and it is my fertile week however my eggs on the right seems better in size and quality compared to the eggs on the left so he asked me to take Ovidrel, which i injected into my tummy this morning. As anyone used it before. Dr said it will improve quality of my eggs and hopefully help me produce more this week. I also have to start taking progynova 2mg from tomorrow. Today was crazy for me cause he asked me to take the injection between 9am - 10am i am terrified of needles so i couldn't possibly inject myself had to get a friend at work to do it with alot of pain and fear got it done. so this week i would ttc.


dejlightburn1217 - March 16

Hey DN,

Thanx, im praying trust me i am and im trying to stay positive. I hope everything goes well for you. I just going crazy cause i think my AF is coming but i really dont want it to. My doc says if it comes to refill my 50mg clomid that i took last month. Im wondering if i should ask her to up the dosage or just take the 50mg if my AF comes. Hoping i wont have to take the clomid at all, but if i do?

Best wishes to you though!!!


hopefullysoon - March 16

dejlightburn1217 - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! If it was 5 days prior to your expected AF then it was definitely to early to test. So there is still hope! Even though I know how hard it can be to have hope sometimes.

DN - I have never heard of or taken Ovidrel. I'm glad that you were able to get someone at your work to do it for you! I don't think I could give myself a needle either. I'm fine with needles but giving them to yourself is a whole different story!

As for me I'm pretty sure I got a positive opk test yesterday. I took one in the morning around 830 and it was negative, then took another one at 1130am ( as I was beginning to panic because I was on cd17 and hadn't ovulated yet when last month my positive test was on cd16) and the one at 1130am was postiive. Then I tested again 8 hours later and back to negative. I know my LH surges are very short though, but I always second guess the positive results.

I go for a blood test to confirm that I ovulated. I normally go on cd22 but this month that falls on Sunday and the lab is closed to take my blood. So I can go on Saturday or Monday instead. I'm nervous that if I go on Saturday that my progesterone won't have increased enough yet, but I think waiting until Monday might drive me crazy lol!

I have a follow up appt with my fertility Dr. a week from today to check on the results of my HSG I had done earlier this month. Also I wanted to touch base with him before he gives me my prescription for months 5 and 6 of clomid. I'm hoping that this month will be good news considering I had the HSG test done and also this is the first month using Pre-see lubricant and I'm hoping that does the trick as well! My fingers and toes are crossed for all of us!


hopefullysoon - March 16

dejlightburn1217 - I forgot to mention, that if you ovulated on your first month of 50mg that take your Dr.'s advice and stay on the 50mg. Clomid can thin the lining of your uterus so if you can get away with taking a lower dosage then definitely do:) You're ovulating from it and that's what matters :)

I only had my dosage upped to 100mg because my body built up a resistance to it and didn't ovulate my second month on 50mg. This is my second month at 100mg and I'm hoping my body didn't build up another resistance to my now higer dosage. I'll have to wait and get confirmation of my ovulation from my blood tests!


dejlightburn1217 - March 17

Hopefullysoon thank you so much for the support i wish you the best of luck too. My doctor said with the store bought ovulation test it said i didnt ovulate so she gave me the hsg shot and then did an iui so im not sure what to think cause she said i didnt ovulate on my own thats why she gave me the trigger shot.


hopefullysoon - March 17

dejlightburn1217 If you didn't ovulate on your own on the 50mg then I would request increasing your dosage and see what your doctors says!


dejlightburn1217 - March 17

Hopefullysoon- Thanks if it comes i will definitely ask her then.



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