PCOS Clomid 50mg 1st time
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jlane286 - February 7

Hi ladies,

I want to share my story and hopefully after all treatment I will have a success store for you all.

I am 25 years old and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I first found out that I have PCOS about a year ago when finally a dr decided that there should be more tests done. I never had a on time menstrual cycle without birth control and since the dr's I saw didn't care enough to look further they just kept saying that it will eventually straighten up..instead of listening to my symptoms.

As it stands at the moment I don't have all PCOS symptoms except for the follicles on the ovaries and irregular cycle.

My dr explained that I have many small follicles on the ovaries and that supposedly it won’t take but a little push to get me pregnant and that is where I stand now. I have taken 10 pills of provera and finally just a few days after pill #10 I had bleed day 1.

As instructed by the dr I will have to take my 1st clomid pill on my 3rd day which is tomorrow.

I will keep updating this blog for all of you out there reading.

I hope you all keep me in your prayers as I do all of you!


DN - February 8

Hi Jennifer, i am also in the similar situation. My hubby and i have been trying to conceive for over 2 years now. I was seeing a Dr that kept did blood tests for me which indicated that my hormones levels are off balance and she prescribed tablets. But i continued to visit her and she never retested to check if the hormones are balanced out since i was on medication to correct it but instead kept pumping me with them. I finally got very frustrated with her not taking my need serious about wanting to fall pregnant so this year i decided to change my DR. At my first visit this new dr took the time to ask me about all my symptoms and he did a check on to find i have severe PCOS and on both my ovaries. I was in total shock and now i have changed my eating. had to cut out all carbs and on day 5 of my cycle i started taking 2x 50mg of clomid which was on sunday.

I pray that god blesses us with healthy babies because we truely desire to have them.

Baby dust to all trying like me


jlane286 - February 8

Thank you so much for the response I can certainly understand how frustrating it is when dr's don't even listen. I hope you pass this and I know you will be blessed!

Much love.


hopefullysoon - February 11

Hi jland286 and DN,

I also have PCOS. My husband and I have been trying since September with no luck so far. I knew before we started trying that I had it as it runs in my family so asked to be tested. In October we attended a fertility clinic and it was confirmed.

I started provera which gave me a period and started taking my first round of 50mg of clomid in November. Unfotunately I didn't ovulate and later was informed by the pharmacy that they mis-filled my prescription and I wasn't actually taking clomid. So after a month of having my hopes up that we were actually going to be able to start trying my hopes were crushed. But I stayed positive and started our new and first actual round of clomid in December. I got a positive ovulation test on day 13. Unfortunately that month we did not conceive.

I did my second round of clomid in January still at 50mg but this time did not ovulate. So I'm currently on month three at 100mg and hoping this will do the trick. I'm currently on day 14 and a little disappointed that I haven't yet gotten a positive ovulation test as by this time in my cycle the month I did 'o' I had already gotten one. However I know that, that first month it was pretty early in the cycle. So I'm trying to remain in high spirits that I'll get a positive 'o' test in the next couple days.

My husband and I really, really want children and hoping that these treatments work without having to go to further measures. My thoughts are with you both, and keep me updated on your stories, and hopefully we'll all have success stories to share with each other soon! Good luck!


jlane286 - February 11

I cannot believe that the pharmacy could make such a mistake it just proves the carelessness of today’s people in medical fields.

I am sorry to hear your struggle and could only pray for you and your husband to get such a miracle. My next step is acupuncture, I talked to a few people who have had success with acupuncture so I would really suggest people to look into it. I mean what is the worst that can happen?

Tomorrow is my last Clomid pill (pill # 5) and my last menstrual day is today. According to all articles we all ovulate around 14 days after depending on you cycle. I have begun taking ovulation tests just in case so that I can start keeping records.

I will keep updating....


jlane286 - February 11

I also forgot to mention that I have been taking 2000mg of vitamin C. For not particular reason, my mother started me on this a few months ago but I thought I should also mention to everyone that I have not had any side effects from Clomid which I guess is a good thing.


Cynthia22 - February 12

Hello Ladys!
I have been TTC for about 2 years now I suffer from anovulation.. This is my first cycle. I started 50mg clomid on January 18 and kept going back for clomid checks and didnt have any mature follicles until today! My doctor put me on 100mg on Feb 1st even though I didnt have AF. So I went back today and i only have 1 follicle But it only takes one!! I get my trigger tomarrow night and IUI monday! Valentines day:) I hope we conceive this cycle it would be the best valentines gift ever!!

Jlane will u be having an IUI?


jlane286 - February 14

UPDATE! My last clomid pill was this sat today is sunday and I just took an ovulation test which is showing that I AM ovulating. Just to make sure I did take a digital test as well. At this point I am confused because it is too soon so I cannot believe it yet but I will re-check tomorrow to make sure. Just wondering if anyone else had the same results?...


jlane286 - February 14

Cynthia No IUI, this is our first trial and I just finished my last clomid 50mg... Never took it before. I really hope and pray for you to get such a valentines day present.. best wishes!


DN - March 4

HI jlane286, hopefullysoon and Cynthia22, thanks for your response ans for keeping us posted. Not being able to fall pregnant and having to go on treatment is too much to handle at times and this site is keeping me sane. I dont feel so alone. I got my period yesterday so my first round of Clomid did not work. I will start round 2 of clomid on monday day which is day 5 of my cycle up until day 9. My doctors called me in last month a week after i completed the clomid and he did a scan and told me i was fertile and it was the perfect time to try but nothing happened. This month i will start clomid and go to see him on the 14 March for him to do a scan again to check the sign of the eggs and he times it and tells me when to try. I was devastated yesterday when i got my period and worse of all at work. I know that soon it is going to happen for us all. If clomid does not work again the doctor is going to do that thing were they check the tubes to see if i have any blockages.

Fingers crossed and baby dust, one more thing ladies keep us posted please


hopefullysoon - March 4

DN - Good luck this month! My fingers are crossed for you! I just started my 4th month of clomid and I'm scheduled for my HSG test this coming wedneday (to get my tubes flushed out) as I'm still not pregnant from the clomid. I think it's definitely a good idea to get it done, as I've read lots of success stories from it! Also I find the clomid drys me out and I have barely any egg white cm during my cycle. Last time I only had it for an hour and it was pretty runny. So I really think that is what is hindering us from conceiving. SO this month I ordered pre-seed lube online and it's baby making friendly and you actually inject it into you before sex which helps carry the sperm to the egg and helps control your PH level in there as well. So this month we're going that along with the HSG. . . I'm hoping for a successful month! Good luck everyone!


jlane286 - March 4

Hey DN,

thanks for the post i really wish the best of luck. To update everyone on my status.... I had that odd surge right after my last clomid and after that I had 3 diff ov tests that i used daily and all 3 had diff results each time however the digital test always stayed neg. I just went to the dr yesterday to do a blood test only to find out today that I am NOT pregnant. I was really sad because in the last 2 weeks i had all symptoms of pregnancy ... my mens never have these symptoms all i get is cramps. So the dr once again proscribed Provera and clomid 50 mgs. I will start the provera on the 11th if i don’t get a bleed by then and clomid on the 3rd day of bleed and do all of this AgAIN... The dr also mentioned that since i am irregular that I may have been ovulating at the time of provera and clomid which caused the system to mess up and stop and by trying it all over again it may stabilize the system. Who knows I am just really disappointed at this moment and can only pray for all of you women who have been going through months of this! Baby dust for all. much love!


hopefullysoon - March 5

jlane286 - did you have a blood test done to confirm if you did ovulate or not? If you're not doing blood tests I would request that from your doctor. I also had to take provera to get my period when I first started this process but here is how it went
1st month - took provera, took 50mg clomid, blood test confirmed i ovulated so my AF came on it's own
2nd month - took 50mg clomid, blood test confirmed that I did NOT ovulate so then I had to take provera again
3rd month - took 100mg clomid, blood test confirmed i ovulated, I got my AF on my own and am now on month 4 at 100mg

If you're ovulating your period should be coming on it's own so I would definitely do some blood work. It's usually done on day 21-23 of AF.


dejlightburn1217 - March 7

hi ladies i hope everything goes well for you all. i just had my first iui on the 4th im a reck right now. I have been trying my hardest not to think about it but i feel the days are going by so slow for me to see what the out come is and i hope its a positive one.

Good luck to all of you


jlane286 - March 7

hopefullysoon - no I did not do a blood test in fact my dr did not mention that at all. I was told to keep a calendar and i knew when I was supposed to ov and it just didnt happen. I also think that I may have been ovulating when i started provera because the day after the last pill of clomid (which i started day 3 of mens) i had positive ov for a day and a half and ever since than i have not had a positive ov.

I am going to take another pregnancy test on the 11th if my mens dont come which in my case will most likely be the outcome and if so I will start another round of provera followed by 50mgs of Clomid.

dejlightburn1217 - Best of luck!! Kepp us posted!


hopefullysoon - March 7

jlane286 - the clomid can interfere with ovulation tests and give false results, don't get me wrong I still use them and use them as a guidline. but then I also go in for a blood test on the 22nd day of my cycle to confirm if I'm ovulating. On month 2 if I wouldn't have gone in for a blood test my doctor wouldn't have known that I didn't ovulate and wouldn't have know to increase my dosage to the 100mg. I suggest requesting to go in for monthly blood test to get to see if you've ovulated. Because if you ovulate you won't need provera and will get a period on your own.


jlane286 - March 8

hopefullysoon- I have to have provera in order to have a period. I have not had a period on my own on over 5 years.



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