pcos and chlomid
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babyhungry4811 - March 19

Hey ladies. So my hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now. I've been diagnosed with PCOS and i was very upset. I have so many follies in my left ovary and some in my right. I have insurancw but of course I pay 124 dollars a month for nothing because it doesn't cover infertility. Anyone know how much chlomid costs without it being covered by your insurance. I'm just so dang baby stupid right now every single one of my friends either just had a baby or is prego and i swear I see pregnant people everywhere I go... Auhhh help!!


Nikki101 - March 19

babyhungry4811, i know how you feel i be feeling the same way when i see a pregnant person. I try to avoid as much as possible to keep me from being depressed but anyway ive been trying for 22 months almost 2 years, nothing yet but im determined that this is my year to conceive natural. I've tried one iui and it didn't work so.......By the way clomid cost 9.00 the generic brand you can get it at walmart with a presciption. Hang in there guryl i see now that everyone has a season and time to get pregnant. It will happen for us keep the faith.



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