no period
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zach - May 5

what if the girl, unmarried, 19 years old, didn't have her period or the period happen as it wishes ( sometimes there's period and sometimes did'nt.
the 1st period is when she is 13 and goes normal for a year and there is no period for another year, and 5 months later she has her period and no period for 6 months and then once every 3 months for a year and no period again until a year later and the last period is for the past 4 months ?
there is no pain during her past period except for a few headache and she never has sex.?


Nena - May 6

You should be checked with all hormonal tests to find out this situation. Myself never received period in my life without hormone pills. So think, can be worse than that. Good luck and nothing to worry much it will be ok. These hormones sometimes are strange. *********


Brea - June 29

No sweat, sweetie. I was always very irregular, too. I once went 9 months without a period. Now, I'm married (25 yrs. old) and trying to get pregnant. I'm on Provera followed by Clomid to regulate ovulation and I KNOW it will happen now. I have a few friends in the same situation who have gotten pregnant the first month, too. Don't worry so soon! You'll be okay!


marie - October 12

Is she underweight or excessively exercise? This could be the cause of missed periods. Low body fat % is a key factor with amenhorrea--(did I spell that correctly?!)


To marie - October 12

That is true! Even being over weight you can have amenhorrea. Wierd on how our body function. Paula



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