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successgain - March 30

Infertility in Male and Female

-Infertility in a woman may stem from many causes, such as hormonal imbalance, problem in reproductive system, illness or unknown factors. The most likely causes for female infertility are

- Pelvic Inflammatory disease [PID]
PID is the most common cause for infertility. It is an infection of the pelvis. One or more of the
reproductive organs , like ovaries and / or tubes, cervix or uterus are infected.

- Polycystic ovary syndrome [PCOS]

In PCO, the ovaries produce high amounts of male hormones especially testosterone. LH hormone level remain abnormally high while FSH levels are low, thus the follicles do not produce eggs. Instead they form fluid – filled cysts that eventually cover the ovaries.

Endometriosis refers to a condition in which sections of the uterine lining implant in the vagina, ovaries, fallopian tubes or pelvis . These implants eventually form cysts that grow with each menstrual cycle, and may eventually turn into blisters and scars. The scars can then block the passage of the egg.

Ovarian problems :-

Problems within the ovaries may inhibit reproduction

Hormonal problems :-

Decreased production of any one of the five hormones that regulate a woman’s reproductive cycle may result in infertility.
Thyroid deficiency may cause ovarian problems.
High prolactin level can also prevent ovulation.

Immune system Problem

Woman may develop antibodies that attack the man’s sperm, mistaking it for a toxic invader. Certain autoimmune diseases, in which the immune cells attack normal cells in her own body, may also contribute to the ovarian problems

Luteal Phase Defect [LPD] in LPD, corpusluteum, the mound of yellow tissue produced from the egg follicle – may fail to produce enough progesterone to thicken the uterine lining. Then the fertilized egg may be unable to implant.

Fibroids :-

Fibroids or benign growths, may form in the uterus near the fallopian tubes or cervix. As a result, the sperm or fertilized egg cannot reach the uterus or implant there.

OtherUterine Problems :-

Abnormal reproductive organs or endometritis [an abnormal swelling of the uterine lining] may take it difficult for the fertilized egg to implant.

Surgical Complications

Scar tissue left after abdominal surgery can cause problems in the movements of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus, resulting in infertility.

Frequent abortions :-

Frequent abortions may also produce infertility by weakening the cervix or by leaving the scar tissue that obstructs the uterus.

Frequent abortions may also produce infertility by weakening the cervix or by leaving the scar tissue that obstructs the uterus.

Uterinemuscle problems :-

During ovulation , uterine contraction usually push the sperm up to the fallopian tube, weak , infrequent or abnormal contraction causes problem.

Poor quality cervical mucous :-

some times a cervical mucous fails to thin around the time of ovulation & consequently it prevents the sperm from travelling through it.

Illness :-

Long illness may also cause infertility. High blood sugar level or high blood pressure can also be a cause. Some other contributors to infertility includes excessive exercise, obesity, stress or anorexia.


The most common cause for male infertility is a problem with sperm production. Sperm with poor quality cannot move rapidly enough or in the right direction. Some conditions that may contribute to sperm problems include -----

Under developed testes

Swollen – veins in the scrotum
Undescended tests
Problems in ejaculation
Exposure to metals
Certain medications
Injury to testicles
Chronic prostate infections
Deficiency of testosterone.
Auto immunity – in which antibodies of the man’s immune system attack sperm cells, mistaking them for toxic invaders. The antibodies attach themselves to the sperm and may cause them to stick together, or may stop them from penetrating the cervical mucous or the egg.
Retrograde Ejaculation – In this condition the muscles of the urethra do not force the sperm out. Instead , the sperm travel backward into blad


Charlie123456 - July 16

Thank you so much for such an informative post. It is sad that so many women and men alike have to deal with infertility.
Once again, thanks


marionrazo - July 25

hi, i love this post.... shows the different issues that might cause infertility. are some of the issues affecting men reversible or avoidable?


Prettywoman - August 27

Thank you for this useful info. There are a lot of infertile couples. They should know the reasons of their infertility. Life is so difficult nowadays(( Why can't we just fulfill our dream to become parents? I'm an infertile woman. But I could be a really great mother! Once again, thank you for this post!


MaryAnn - August 27

This is a great informative post. There are a lot of info on the internet explaining the reasons for infertility. But what about the ways of treatment? Or ways of becoming parents for infertile couples? I think it can be even more important. Infertile couples should know all the solutions. As usual, they know that they are infertile and why it happened. But they should also know how to deal with this problem.


janajana1 - September 22

I agree with MaryAnn. It would be very important to learn about the treatment for infertility. Infertile couples wants to know that there is some solution for they problems. But thank you for this post. I learned some things I didn't know about infertility. No metter how many posts I read I always learn something new. It's great when someone share his or hers knowledge on forums like this. It's a big help for infertility couples.


snjeza1 - September 22

I would like to thank you for this post. It's full of usefull informations. It's great that forums like this exists. You can learn things that will help you to deal with problems. It's easier when someone told you that you are not alone.


Isabelmason - October 7

My name is Isabel. I am 40 years of age. As of late, I suffered from cancer. This left me in lose hope. My significant other is exceptionally adoring. He never constrained me. He knows my wellbeing exceptionally well. He never reviled me for being wiped out. I merely need to give him an infant. Our infant. That is the main seek after us. I wish something could enable me to out. Is there any approach to cure my concern. If it's not too much trouble propose me any system. I'll be incredibly grateful.


SelenaJones - October 7

Thank you for your kind information...It will really be helpful for people to be aware of their specific infertility causes.


Isabelmason - October 15

This is Isabel Mason. My age is 40 years. I am infertile due to ovarian cancer in young age. When I had no desire to have a child. But today it is the most significant regret of my life, for not having any child when I could. At that time, what my doctors said me was not even in my expectations. That became a reality. I always think that it should be the first priority of mine that I had lost. In spite of that, I also have two broken marriages. Which is only due to this reason that I could not give them a child. This is exceptionally the real pain and anxiety for the rest of my life. My third husband who wants to spend his whole life with me also wants to have a child. But, again I could not do that. I want to be normal but I could not. No single moment makes me feel to be happy and doesn't think about that. But I think, and could not stop thinking about that. I just want to give happiness to my husband. I want to complete our family. I want my child.



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