HSG Question - Timing of the Test
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J - May 4

For those of you who have had an HSG test, I would like to ask your opinion on something. I have a test scheduled for early Monday morning. I have a full day of meetings following the appointment - will I be extremely uncomfortable for the rest of the day? Also, and I am traveling out of the country Friday for a week of vacation with my husband. I read that if you have sex within two weeks following the procedure, you are at risk for infection. I would hate to have complications and be out of the country. On a side note, this will be my second month on Clomid. SO, do you think I should go ahead with the procedure next week, or wait another month? Am I being too cautious?


Jackie - May 26

I had the HSG test yesterday and I'm perfectly fine today and pain free. It is uncomfortable but I felt no pain at all. The worst part for me was they could not find my fallopian tubes. Don't put it off, take the test. The doctor advised of possible cramping, the kind you get when you have your period. I was told you can have sex right away, even the same day. In fact, the nurse said today may be the day because the dye flushes out anything that may be blocking. Good luck!


Nena - May 27

I've had different experience. My doc told me to take one week sick leave because you need to rest after this test and to be careful not to stay in a cold environment. He also gave me injections and tablets against any possible inflamation. By the way, my HSG was very good, no anatomical abnormalities and my tubes were ok. The dye went through so my tubes are open. You will feel uncomfortable but it is just 5-15 minutes. Good Luck to you. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


Johanna - July 1

I had the HSG test done last week on 6/23 and I took 2 ibuprofen an hour before the exam. The only pain I felt was when they injected the Dye and it felt like a really bad period cramping but I took the day off and rested. The next day I was back at work and we even had sex the next day. The doc said to waith 24 hrs after the HSG and we were excited to start trying. I'd say take the day off work just in case, cause not everybody's body is the same but you should be fine after one day. Good luck and lots of Baby dust to you :) **********


Dee - July 2

I had the HSG done Today (7/1) and I literally didn't FEEL A THING Thank God. Except being on the cold, hard table and under a full body xray machine for 45 minutes with my legs open... It was pain free. The catheder felt like a very, tiny pinch .. I didn't feel the dye at all ... the doc had me turn to the left and right a couple of times and that was it. graphic... there was blood on the gauges that the doctor had..but when I went to the bathroom there wasn't any more. I just had a slight pinkish color on the maxi pad. No pain at all.


Jen - July 5

I also had my HSG on July 1. It is a bit uncomfortable. For me I had what I would say are normal period cramps. But then the catheter started to come out and he had to reinsert. Also both of my tubes were blocked, so the doc forced the dye through on both. that was very painful, but only for like 10 sec. but it was very worth it. He took xrays b4 he forced the dye through and no dye came out,then after it was spilling out. I felt fine the rest of the day. I took of of those therma care heat patches with me and put it on right after. Also took 800mg ibuprofen before. Ovulating tomorrow..doing the bd all night!!! lol!



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