How to find ur ovulation date?
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Acadia - May 21

Ok heres my Q... I can not for the life of me tell my ovulation date. A friend told me that on ur last day of ur period u count back 15 days and that would me the day, but I dont know how true that is. Has anyone else heard any diff? I would like to find my date myself. I dont want to pay a crap load of moey for a test if u can find it out on ur own. Thanks for the help!


Jessica - June 10

Acadia: It really depends... on average, if you're on a normal cycle it is the middle day. In other words if you have a 28 day cycle it is day 14. So yes you count back, or forward from your last period. Approximatly 2 weeks after your last and before your next. There is a very small window of opportunity I believe 48 hours. But sperm lives in your body for, I believe 2 days. I just recently found out I have PCOS which means I may not ovulate at all, but I do get a period. SO periods and ovualtion DON'T come hand in hand, you could have one with out the other. But if you get a normal cycle, even if 40 days is normal and consistant for you, then you ovulate on day 20. Hope this helped. Good luck to you.



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